There have been countless rumors about Doomfist being the next “Overwatch” hero. Some of these rumors came from data miners, while others were mainly speculations from regular players. Either way, these all show just how popular the unofficial character is.

Interestingly, the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero’s speculation has resurfaced, but this time, it is coming from Blizzard itself. Recently, the studio unleashed a brand new lore teaser, showcasing the character’s escape from a certain prison facility. This could just be the signal that every fan has been waiting for.

When will Doomfist arrive

Although it is true that the video game company teased the upcoming arrival of Doomfist, the release date of the character still remains unknown. This is obviously the one million dollar question that players want to know the answer to. According to PVP Live, the character’s release date can actually be determined based on the previous reveals of the studio.

In Blizzard’s history of releasing “Overwatch” teasers, particularly for Orisa, there were at least three days between each of them. There was a total of 19 days of testing, which separated her debut on the Public Test Server and live servers of the game. The hero’s first trailer debuted on February 21st, followed by the second on the 24th, third on the 27th, and then her PTR arrival on March 2nd.

19 days afterward, on the 21st of March, the character officially became part of the roster.

Using Orisa’s debut schedules

If the studio is to utilize the same pattern for releasing Doomfist in “Overwatch,” it could be that his second teaser will arrive come July 7th. Remember: the first teaser came on the 4th, so after three days, it should be the 7th.

The third teaser can be expected on the 10th, while his PTR debut can be on the 13th. Then, on August 1st, the hero will officially become part of the game.

Interestingly, August 1 falls on a Tuesday, a day when the “Overwatch” developer releases new updates. In addition, the game’s PTR updates usually go live on a Thursday and July 13 is a Thursday.

So, in a sense, there is a higher chance that these dates are patterned. But of course, given Blizzard’s history, Doomfist’s arrival will first be showcased in an animated short, same with Sombra and Orisa. While these are all fascinating stuff, players should still be taking them with a grain of salt. After all, nothing official has been heard from the studio yet.