Destiny 2” is perhaps one of the most anticipated titles of recent memory. It might not be exactly what players hoped for, but it is shaping to be an exciting sequel. Interestingly, its beta preload has already been revealed.

According to Polygon, Bungie just announced the beta preload schedule for “Destiny 2,” though it is for the console version of the game only. This should give fans enough window to prepare themselves. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The beta preload schedule

The developers of the sequel announced that preloading the upcoming beta test will commence today, July 13.

The formal download should begin at around 10 AM PDT, which has been confirmed by publisher Activision to the publication. The representative added that preload process would only apply to players on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. But as previously announced, the testing would arrive first on Sony’s console.

It holds true that beta testing is already confirmed on the aforementioned “Destiny 2” version, but only players who own code can participate. This means that they should have pre-ordered the title ahead of its official debut. Otherwise, they will not be eligible in joining the beta phase. Nevertheless, players can still receive a beta key from third parties such as media outlets or official partners.

As for the actual size of the game’s beta, this remains to be unknown.

More about the beta testing

Destiny 2” beta will arrive first on PlayStation 4 at 10 AM on Tuesday, July 18. Xbox One will acquire it the day after, which is Wednesday, July 19 at the same time. Two days after, July 21, the sequel’s beta will open up to all regular owners in the said consoles.

They better participate, as Bungie intends to shut it down on Sunday, July 23, which is exactly 35 hours after the regular opening.

As for PC players, there is no need to worry. Bungie is also set to introduce “Destiny 2beta to the platform, but the only catch, the studio cannot provide a specific date except August. The said phase will give players the chance to experience the same content the developers showcased at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

This is none other than the Homecoming, a campaign opening mission. It should also include the strike called Inverted Spire, as well as the two Crucible game types called Countdown and Control. Unfortunately, players can only try one subclass per class, but this should still be enough to stir their interest.