Following Bungie’s announcement that no new class will arrive in “Destiny 2,” players felt bummed. They all wanted to experience new classes, as they believe it should be. However, it is not going to happen in the sequel.

Nevertheless, the studio revealed that subclasses would instead be introduced in “Destiny 2.” They may not be exactly what players wanted, but they should be enough to keep the experience going. Now, new details about a particular subclass surfaced, giving fans a better understanding of its significance in the upcoming game.

Introducing the Sentinel Titan

According to PCGamer, the Sentinel Titan might just be the most versatile subclass in the series yet. Its super ability grants players with a shield infused in Void, and it can be used to deflect a good number of attacks. It is a melee basher by nature but is capable of dealing long-range attacks using the shield (in a Captain America way, yes). The shield, once thrown, can damage one enemy to another, making it a lethal weapon in the battlefield.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned “Destiny 2” subclass replaces the original game’s Defender. Interestingly, it belongs to the support category; only it is equipped with the most aggressive skills. This may indicate that the shield, despite being deadly, will not inflict significant damage to opponents.

Still, it is a crowd-controlling skill that inflicts AoE damages. The subclass shield can also be used to stun enemies, giving the team enough room to penetrate and eliminate their opponents.

The Ward of Dawn skill explained

Bungie’s very own game director named Luke Smith revealed before that the Sentinel Titan in “Destiny 2” is equipped with a power called Ward of Dawn.

It looks like a bubble of the shield, which players can deploy by holding down the super button. It remains a mystery, however, if this shield is capable of interchanging offensive or defensive buffs. But judging by the way it looks, it sure is big enough to do either. The studio even added a visible deterioration effects that should help players know how much health the shield has.

Moreover, the subclass will leave glowing footprints behind in “Destiny 2.” It is something that the studio decided to add to better the gameplay experience in PvPs. Contrary to popular belief, it seems the entire subclass system has the potential to provide players with solid gameplay. But of course, this is at least what the studio is trying to convey. Players would soon know how exactly these subclasses work after the official launch of the title.