Destiny 2” is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated titles in recent memory, but it cannot be denied that players are a bit worried with the development. Recently, Bungie revealed some interesting details about the game and what should be expected of it. It was unveiled that a change involving the weapons and armors of the game will be introduced.

In an interview with Mashable, “Destiny 2” game director Luke Smith iterated that all of the gears -- i.e. weapons and armors -- will just drop set perk rolls. This is obviously a complete steer from the previous title. Although the feature was not that robust, its efficiency made players satisfied.

Why this is worrisome

In the original game, players were more involved in the loot grinding process, which was something they did for nearly three years. They fought a great number of monsters, trying to defeat them whenever there was a chance. It may have been rigorous, but it worked. The system gave players hope that, in one way or another, a coveted item should be dropped. Apparently, this would not be true in the second game anymore.

“There aren’t random rolls on weapons anymore,” Smith said. The “Destiny 2” game director did not specificy the main reason behind the move, but he explained that it was meant to make balancing a bit easier. For instance, Bungie will have more flexibility when it comes to per-item tuning, a process they were not able to do in the first game.

Smith further explained that this was supposed to be part of the first title, but they had to rework everything, as they were still trying to build its very core.

What it brings to the table

Many believe that the studio clearly wants to do some legwork on the PvP balancing of “Destiny 2.” Since random perks will not be included, the developers should be able to maintain a much tighter grip on the type of weapon to release.

This might be interesting for some reason, but there is no doubt it will affect the weapon diversity in the game’s PvE. Players will no longer have any reason to grind, as high-valued loots will be scarce. Fighting monsters in-game would become a second priority.

Smith, however, assured the fans of “Destiny 2” that they will be looking for more ways to introduce variance and fun in the game.

These might be unknown for now, but players should be able to get a better understanding of these features once they arrive. Whether or not removing random polls was a good decision, this remains to be a mystery until the game releases.

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