A lot of people have accepted Nintendo’s “Arms” with open arms but the one thing fans complained about was that it was a bit lacking in content. Nintendo apparently listens to their players, as the game’s first major DLC brings in plenty of additions. “Armsversion 2.0 is now live and is chockfull of free content including an additional mode, a brand new character, another stage, and some extra arms.

What’s more, the Nintendo Switch fighting game makes Max Brass, the final boss, a playable character. In addition to being able to fight as him, gamers will also be able to battle it out on Brass’ stage as well as in the Sky Arena.

The arena resembles a boxing ring – it has a square layout, with the center of the stage raised. In this stage, there will be no impediments which is something that makes it more enjoyable for eSports tournaments. This serves as a replacement to Snake Park in Ranked Mode, a stage that received numerous complaints. However, Snake Park will remain playable in other game modes.

Max Brass brings in three new arms

Boss character Max Brass is actually going to be joined by a brand new mode, Eurogamer reported yesterday. The gaming site revealed it’s going to be based around Hedlok and will have players fighting to take possession of the character before battling out enemies. Previously, there was only a CPU manipulated Hedlok in online matches, but “Arms2.0 with its new mode will allow players to compete in three-on-one action.

With Max Brass come three new arms: the Kablammer, Roaster, and Nade. Max starts out with this set, but Nintendo says all characters will be able to unlock them via the Get ARMS mode. The Kablammer is Max’s final set of arms, which is a variation of the Whammer. Instead of stunning when charged, this heavy alternative gains an explosive ability.

Improved Ranked Mode

The new patch will see major improvements for ranked mode, which is sure to make players happy. The max level cap is spiked to 20 as a bonus and will allow players to dive back into the mode. Alternatively, players who choose to leave ranked battles prematurely will receive a larger penalty. Before, “Arms” players who left early only lost a little experience.

The game has imposed stricter policies to enhance gameplay, making the fighting game more challenging.

In another touch of aesthetics, players’ stats can now be checked on the home screen, showing precise arms usability and they are able to view favorite characters easily. There’s more to come, Nintendo promised; more stages, arms, and fighters will be added soon and possibly for free.