When Bungie first announced “Destiny 2,” gamers and fans alike were divided, as they were not entirely sold with the sequel. Many suggest that the game will be nothing but a “Destiny 1.5,” a term used by players to liken the upcoming game to another DLC. Still, the developers are trying their best to build the hype.

It might be a premature move from the community considering that “Destiny 2” has not even come out yet. However, they cannot really be blamed, most especially with the revelations the studio announced lately. These recent announcements only proved the notion that, in one way or another, the sequel will fall rock bottom hard.

What players are saying

According to MMOExaminer, a lot of players are quite worried with the outcome of the title. They believe that not only will it fail to meet expectations, it would feel nothing different with the first “Destiny” game. For instance, they all thought that new classes will be introduced, adding more characters to the roster. Apparently, this will not be the case, as Bungie plans to expand the current classes in the original game. Perhaps subclasses will be introduced, or the studio has a different road to pursue on the class system.

While there are players who loathe “Destiny 2,” there are some who are rather excited with its arrival. They are stoked with some of the promised new features, such as the Clan system.

The latter is basically a revamped of the original game’s Group system. They have the same structure, but the newly remodeled system will come with new features and abilities. This, among others, gave players a reason to look forward to.

Why it is better to wait first

The problem with the entire video game industry right now is that players tend to foreshadow things.

They try to judge a particular game from a certain perspective without even considering its completion. Of course, it is always easier said than done, and so is true with “Destiny 2.” Bungie promises this and that, but unless these promised features are really present in the game, only then can players decide if it is bad or not.

Perhaps it would be better for players to wait until they can actually play the game and then think about judging it afterwards.

Bungie might have revealed details that are not worth hearing out, but they are still in-charge in the driver’s seat for “Destiny 2.” There is really nothing that players can do except to wait. This stigma of judging an unreleased title should be stopped, as it does no good to the industry as a whole.