The highly anticipated “Destiny 2” still has a couple of months before becoming an official game, but its popularity in the gaming realm has already skyrocketed. This goes to show that developer Bungie knows how to keep the community at bay. After all, they have stuck to their promise of releasing updates after updates.

Now, the latest buzz surrounding “Destiny 2” involves a topic about new classes. Players have always thought about the idea of experiencing new classes in the game. Apparently, though, the studio confirmed that this will not be happening at all.

Why no new classes for the sequel

In an interview with Metro, the game’s very own executive producer David Allen shed some light on the rumors about new classes. He iterated that, unfortunately, the sequel will not offer new ones. Allen explained that the move was solely based on the team’s decision to rather focus on what the franchise currently has. Basically, the studio believes that players still have more reason to explore Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. If they choose to add new ones, this will directly defeat the purpose.

Allen further explained that players also have “new ways” to explore the aforementioned classes in “Destiny 2.” In fact, he argued that the community itself is still attached to the three.

“You see pictures of people on the Internet who have the logos tattooed on their bodies,” he pointed out. To him and the rest of the team, this alone proves that the fandom is still deeply connected to the first three classes from the original game.

Players believe otherwise

Obviously, the fans of “Destiny 2” were not pleased with what Allen explained.

While it is true that they appreciate and/or value the three classes, they believe that adding new ones would have been a stellar move. Allen proposed that new classes will only confuse players’ selection. Perhaps they will go and try using a new when they would rather master the old class. On a positive note, this means that Bungie wants to expand the old classes further.

Besides, the executive never denied the possibility of adding new classes later on in “Destiny 2.” They might release them in a form of DLCs and/or expansions. This is, in one way or another, the most plausible course of action they can take. While it might feel a bit of a stretch, the community is still entitled to fresher experiences. The title is due for a September release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.