Blizzard Entertainment has officially addressed the issue on having a second account. In some cases, players wanted to main Hanzo but wanted to keep it secret to the rest of the squad. Most players are intertwined in this situation where they are caught in careful hiding believing that such action could be a breach of “Overwatch” guidelines.

Dad Jeff has spoken

According to Jeff Kaplan, having a second account you play is just fine because new accounts can speedily adjust to playing at the proper skill level. That being said, many gamers can now put their worries to rest continue forward with their dual accounts.

Kaplan continued in his recent post at “Overwatch” forum explaining that Blizzard’s community management team is focused on handling and overseeing players who do anything to manipulate their internal MMR or Skill Rating which are totally not fine.

For example, Boosting or Throwing is a grave offense that will cause several sanctions when caught. Kaplan has also revealed that penalties for boosting and throwing are about to dramatically increase. He then encouraged the players to report players who display the said behavior.

Moreover, reporting for Console is being worked up. Unfortunately, the report update is not yet ready so expect for some time before Blizzard gets to bring this function to consoles.

Fans react

“Overwatch” fans are happy with the official announcement. Most users commended Kaplan for dropping the green light for the second account standpoint. Others are already looking forward to the console reporting feature noting that they are happy to learn that developers are still in the works even with the MicroSony issues.

Surely, Blizzard has the answer to this question and eventually, Jeff Kaplan will come up without another post addressing the issue.

Blizzard's concern towards the "Overwatch" community extends to all angles and even providing their official stance about the subject. On the other hand, user @Sk3wlbus inquired in how Blizzard can actually tell if they are some accounts are throwing.

Another commenter suggested that in the report update also includes something like a message that pops up if someone you reported has been punished.

Other news

Deviantart has launched "21 Day of Overwatch" event where artists are invited to create their own unique take on the game's heroes. Highlighting some major events in the game, the exclusive new portrait will be assigned to go with each new hero.

For now, “Overwatch” players shall continue with the celebratory mood brought by the good news.