"Overwatch" fans are overwhelmed to see the first official and actual look of K1 Freeman. After going live revealing their take on Bastion concept figures, DX9 Toys has earned tons of impressive reviews from a lot of die-hard Transformer aficionados.

Pre-order and product description

This Action Figure is now available for pre-order at The Toy Source's DX9 listing. The package costs $124.99 with free shipping options when the purchase amounts up to $150 and more. Hardcore "Overwatch" followers can have it by the second quarter of 2017.

According to the description, this K1 Freeman figurine is a fully transformable robot as seen in the photos.

It also features die-cast parts, rotating tank treads, and more surprise accessories that will be revealed shortly after it has been released. The content includes the Toy body X1 of the Robot, Replace the track X2 and Replace the gun X1.

The toy size is: to the top of the head 18.5CM/7.3" and to Gatlin 21.5CM/8.5".

A quick trip backward

DX9 first announced the K1 Freeman at TFCON Chicago, a dedicated expo for Transformers fans where many third party companies announce or unveil their upcoming figures. The said toy company has no relation to Blizzard but has a promising touch on every action figure it produces by using good designs and the high-quality materials.

'Overwatch' reviewers take

The overall look of the action figure is perfectly accurate.

The colors are on point and have been perfectly muted to enhance its actual live presence. It displays the right stock skin colors for Bastion. One commenter noted that it looks like it is fresh off the line with Bastion Unit supplementing the original concept of K1 Freeman.

On the other hand, another commenter questioned the plastic color choice noting that the toy creator has had many color schemes from 'Overwatch' which they could have referenced.

Agreeing to the post, another one mentioned that a worn and weathered paint job would make it look better.

In the end, most of the "Overwatch" fans-turned-toy-reviewers are happy with the K1 Freeman action figure. Most of them are actually shocked to see the official look as the prototype did not do it justice.

Take a look at these K1 Freemans -- an unofficial Bastion figure made by DX9,

Looking majestic in a side view,

Still impressive for a cheeky pose,

That cannon is savage,

Very good looking robot,

For a more creative take,

And another,

This one is on point,

A bit higher but still flexin',

Is it a yay? Or a nay? Your thoughts? For more "Overwatch" news, go to this link.