Bungie, the makers of “Destiny 2,” has issued an official apology letter owing to their own mistake in mishandling their content access for the launch of "curse of Osiris," which received massive backlash from its own community of gamers. In a lengthy blog posted in their official forum, Bungie explained the reasons why they opted to roll out updates that missed the gamers’ interest and what the team is willing to give to compensate their losses.

Causing the firestorm

“Overhyped” is an understatement describing the arrival of the "Curse of Osiris" expansion, which drew flak to “Destiny 2’s" developers.

First, it failed to impress both game newcomers and old-timers when players discovered that they cannot escape the Infinite Forest. On the other hand, story-wise it’s very engaging, however, it failed to match up “Destiny 1’s" Prison Elders.

Moreover, several activities from vanilla “Destiny 2” had been locked behind the "Curse of Osiris" paywall. This made the entire expansion not so accommodating for farming. Aside from new gear and mission, the lockout included versions of the previous content and in-game events, making them inaccessible to players.

Thus, Bungie committed their efforts to change and move forward and decided to bring various fixes and to roll back several reviled content lockouts from the recent expansion just to satisfy and compensate the angered community.

Six update highlights

Forbes has scanned through the entire blog and listed six major highlights from the incoming updates:

  • All players now have access to the Prestige Leviathan Raid, however, the rebooted version offers only 300 power level with an equivalent gear drop rates. Thus, the exotic shotgun quest becomes doable for every gamer in the new DLC.
  • The "Curse of Osiris" will now only be required at the Trials of the Nine when it’s a Curse map [VIDEO]. This means all other maps will be open to every gamer.
  • The normal Nightfall will work as per usual while it will only be inaccessible when there’s a Curse strike.
  • Prestige Nightfall will remain at 330 power level, requiring the DLC. Bungie wished that all Prestige activities will be accessible to all and guaranteed that they are working to provide more tiers of difficulty in the future.
  • The development team opted to ditch another firestorm when it postponed the rollout of Faction Rally, exclusive only to DLC [VIDEO]. Therefore, various Time events like the one mentioned above, the Iron Banner, and the yet-to-be-released, The Dawning, will be available to everyone.
  • Bungie also mentioned that it will be working on Heroic Strike modifiers and making that activity public. However, it will not be included in the current “Destiny 2” update.