The “Destiny 2” community is about to have the best time of their gaming life since the new expansion launch, which met an unprecedented backlash, from its old-time players, due to mishandling of content access. To appease the disappointed fans, Bungie is bringing in the game’s first ever Dawning event [VIDEO] next week, Tuesday, December 19th on all platforms.

Bundled with the fan-favorite Crucible mode, this limited-time-only event will add up new gears, exciting activities, and bring in a much more joyful spirit of Christmas in the game. The setting will be a much better upgrade from the original Destiny.

The snowy graphics will remain along with much louder decorations. Alas, Eva Levante won’t be around (sigh).

Snowball firing: How it works?

The first of exciting social activities coming in the Dawning event is Snowball fights. While arms and weapons are game prerequisites, this time around, rangers will have to use the pile of snowballs available for use in the Tower and on the Farm. Players can also tag along with some friends in the combat.

One interesting on hand feature during the event is The Strike, where gamers can blast an enemy with a powerful snowball. This attack stuns and inflicts a considerable amount of damage to the target where they stay frosty on the battlefield.

Milestones: A token from Bungie

The event will run for three weeks and those days won’t be empty because the game is adding up more gears during The Dawning event. These new gears will come as a reward for players who will dominate the Crucible Mayhem or become a legend in Strike.

Each week, "Destiny 2" players must complete a milestone to earn a Crucible engram.

The reward bank is generous because every member of the team will receive a new consumable as a reward. In case there’s a specific reward a player would like to have, Tess will refresh her inventory each week, allowing him to use his Bright Dust reserves for the Christmas shopping.

What’s at stake varies, from Dawning special offers like a ship, ghost, sparrow, and remote which are all available via Eververse, to Dawning-themed armors and weapons also included, like the one posted below.

Mayhem mode in Crucible

Bungie also mentioned that Mayhem is making a comeback in the Crucible. According to Polygon, it first went live in 2015, cranking up recharge rates of grenade and super abilities. It successfully spiced up the energy of the game and invigorated the players with engaging gimmicks.

Destiny 2 [VIDEO]’s first Dawning event will end on January 9th on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.