Destiny 2” old-time players are departing the game due to the underwhelming ramification of its recent expansion, "Curse of Orisis." Gamers are also pointing out Bungie’s mishandling of its expansion content access. While the firestorm between the game’s development team and its community continues, a group of "D2" loyalists found out that the recent in-game Update file contains potential spoilers regarding the return of an all-time favorite Crucible.

Redditor @OriginalTodd was quick to alert the community regarding the elusive find, posting that mentions of "new" modes were found in a recent update file [VIDEO].

The trial scripts include past- and all-time favorites: Rumble, Mayhem, and Elimination.

'D2' proof tweeting

As a concrete reference, a link directing to the original source of information is attached. It leads to a tweet under Trials Report Twitter handle, @trialsreport. The said tweet mentioned that they have found texts in the recent update regarding “new” game modes for “Destiny 2.”

The tweet also confirmed that old fan-favorite crucible - Rumble, Mayhem, and Elimination - will be included in the update.

Meanwhile, the report included a disclaimer, saying, “This doesn’t mean anything per se… But thought you’d all want to know!”

Prior to this tweet, @trialsreport had already hinted that there will be some trial stuff coming in.

Four days later, it retweeted Bungie’s apology blog and replied to a public musing from another tech personality who hinted that it heard possible "rumblings” about the future [VIDEO].

No one was directly quoted, but @trialsreport’s reply must have contained every single hint "D2" gamers would love to know. Check out the threads below.

Metanoia real quick

Moments after the Reddit thread gained momentum, the so-called “Destiny 2” deserters showed their interest in the possibility of reconciliation with Bungie.

One commenter named @lucidub said, “I’ll literally start playing ['Destiny'] again if they bring back [Rumble].”

Another one agreed to make a comeback but threw a subtle snide at Bungie, saying, “It’s free for all. This will be great for everybody who hates the team shotting aspect of the crucible in D2.”

Again, as mentioned by Trials Report, what was discovered in the “Destiny 2update file holds no meaning at the moment. Therefore, it is better to wait for Bungie to announce the official return of such crucible from the first “Destiny.”

Perhaps Bungie is really eager to compensate the backlash and win back the loyalty of its gaming community.