Overwatch” is adding a new mode called 6v6 Lock-out Elimination in its Arcade. It appears that Blizzard is keeping true to their words of keeping the players immersed in the game. Following the Anniversary event, another activity will keep players engaged and this time it is another completely different experience which will bring so much fun.

What is this activity about?

“Overwatch” 6v6 Lockout Elimination is a new and fun arcade mode that went live right after the Anniversary Event wrapped up. This new mode can be accessed from the game’s custom browser.

This is similar to 3v3 activity but with a twist. In this new mode, players choose their preferred heroes and play like the usual. If your team wins a round, you will be locked into using the heroes your team used to win.

However, when your character dies as a hero, that hero can no longer be used for the rest of the match, In addition, the first team to get defeated in three rounds gets defeated in the entire match. Aside from that, in every round that you successfully win, six heroes will be removed from the activity. In other words, selecting your hero is essential in winning the match.

Other details

The 6v6 Lockout Elimination takes place in Arena maps. The maps include Black Forest, Castillo, Ecopoint Antarctica, and Necropolis.

Interestingly, this new activity is played on smaller maps. With this, hiding will not be possible. Moreover, camping indefinitely will also be avoided as with the maps opening, players will be forced to move to a location in the center. In other words, 12 players will fight on maps intended for only six. This leads to intensively close quarter matches.

In this mode, champions like Pharah or Reaper, who can effect ultimates very helpful.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan also reminded players to be cautious in using too many healers in the early part of the match. This is because the player will run the risk of losing the healers too early in the game and becomes squishy afterwards in the match.

Aside from that, there are no health packs available on the map, so it is essential to keep balanced players. Roadhog or Soldier:76, as well as other characters with off-heal ability, are priceless commodities. This latest activity can be technically setup through the Custom Game Browser. Players who participate in the 6v6 Lockout Elimination will get loot boxes for rewards since this mode is considered as an Arcade mode.

Horizon Lunar Colony map

The latest Assault map that is currently on PTR is another upcoming map for “Overwatch” players. According to several reports, this map is going to be released along with patch 1.12 most likely on June 20. This is a base located on the moon where Lijiang Interstellar conducted a research on the prolonged habitation outside of Earth.

Among the characters being teased I this map is Winston. There is also a mention of Hammond, which appears to be missing according to the exchange of correspondences from the base.

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