Some people are fond of Meghan Markle and have followed her romantic journey since she and Prince Harry met in 2016. They are looking forward to the royal wedding on Saturday, May 19, 2018 when she marries the sixth in line to the throne of England at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Not all people are fond of Meghan, including several Celebrities who bash her every chance they get. The 36-year-old former "Suits" actress has been met with criticism and hate since the very beginning and even more now that she is actually marrying Prince Harry.

There are four celebrities who just can't stand Meghan, and they don't mind saying negative things about her whether they are true or not.

1. Wendy Williams

Talk show host Wendy Williams tops the list of celebrities who have said negative things about Meghan Markle even though the two of them have never met. Wendy has said on many occasions some things that are untrue. The outspoken host has said Meghan has acted her way into the palace. The host claims without any evidence that the marriage will not last. She says Prince Harry has been blindsided and is crazy for not having a prenup.

She calls Meghan a random princess and an opportunist. She makes fun of Meghan's past for being a briefcase model on "Deal or No Deal" when she was launching her career in Hollywood.

She takes delight in saying Meghan once came to her show for a job. She boasts that Meghan's DNA is there.

Very seldom do Wendy's viewers hear her say something positive about Meghan. She insists she is not getting up early to watch the wedding on television.

2. Piers Morgan

British journalist Piers Morgan accused Meghan of ghosting him until she began dating Prince Harry.

Morgan said he and Meghan corresponded through social media after he began following her on "Suits." She was quite pleasant when they finally met. Since she began dating Prince Harry, Morgan hasn't heard from her.

3. Katie Hopkins

British media personality Katie Hopkins also has a habit of ripping Meghan apart.

When Meghan and Prince Harry first began dating, Hopkins mentioned that the actress had made it up the ladder from been a freelance calligrapher to dating the Prince of England. She insinuated that she is moving up faster because of her relationship with Harry, and she is just using him to advance herself.

4. Chrissie Swan

Australian TV personality and author Chrissie Swan believes the bride-to-be is faking it.

She explained her dislike for Meghan in a Facebook post. Swan said it seems like Meghan is performing.