Just four days after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, "20/20" aired a special about the bride to be. The newsmagazine informed viewers about Meghan from her humble beginnings to her engagement to the fifth in line to the throne of England. She lived with her mother in Los Angeles in a small upstairs apartment. Now she is getting married in a castle and will live in a palace.

Wendy Williams said mean things about Meghan Markle

Outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams should have been watching "20/20" on Friday night because she bad mouthed Meghan, her family, and her upbringing on her Friday's show.

What turned a lot of Wendy watchers off was that she said Meghan has been a hustler all her life and acted her way into Prince Harry's life.

Wendy said she knows the 36-year-old newly engaged woman lied when she said she didn't know anything about Harry until she went on a blind date with him 16 months ago. After saying a lot of other mean things about Meghan and her family, Wendy concluded that she will be keeping her eye on Meghan because the woman knows how to act and she might be playing her best role ever. She added that the marriage won't last because of Meghan's dysfunctional family, among other things.

Video clips of Meghan's life

If Wendy Williams had watched "20/20," she would have seen video clips of Meghan’s tenacity to make a better life for herself starting from the time she was in elementary school.

She wrote Proctor and Gamble about changing a racy ad, and the company changed it. Even though she was bullied throughout high school and college because she is biracial, she never gave up on following her dream.

Clips were shown of interviews with those who know Meghan better than Wendy Williams. That included a childhood friend, a Los Angeles high school teacher, the chair of the Northwestern University Theatre Department, and a casting director from “General Hospital” where Meghan had a role of fewer than five lines.

This proves that Wendy Williams is wrong about how Meghan got to where she is today, and she is certainly neither hustler nor liar.

Acting roles

When she first began acting, Markle was given only cameo appearances until she proved that she had talent. She went a long time without acting work. Instead, she wrote and sold calligraphy to make ends meet.

She also appeared on "Deal or No Deal" as one of the models opening the suitcases of money. Wendy Williams even made fun of that.

She had small roles in steamy movies until she landed her last major acting role in "Suits." The legal drama has gotten a lot of free press because Meghan's name is associated with it. A lot of people had never heard of the show before Meghan started dating Prince Harry.

Many people are excited and are wishing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle best wishes. Wendy Williams might be the exception. Needless to say, the 53-year-old talk show host doesn't need to save the date because it is unlikely that she will be invited to the wedding at St. George Chapel in Windsor Castle in May 2018.