On Saturday, May 19, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the throne of England. Those who have been following her journey to become part of the royal family know some things about her. Below are 10 interesting things that some people don't know about the bride-to-be. A report by Hello Magazine presented most of the information used in this article.

1. Real name

Meghan's real name is Rachel Meghan Markle, but she goes by her middle name. She played Rachel Zane on "Suits." On the legal drama, she has a white mother and a black father.

That's the opposite of her parents in real life.

2. Mixed heritage

Meghan has a Caucasian father, Thomas Markle, and an African-American mother, Doria Ragland. Both were scheduled to be part of their daughter's wedding. Her mother will ride with Meghan to the wedding ceremony. Her father was scheduled to walk her down the aisle. It is unclear if he will be at the wedding at all because of a recent scandal about him staging photos for money.

3. Age

Meghan is 36 years old, and Prince Harry is 33. In the Lifetime movie, "Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance," actress Parisa Fitz-Henley, who plays Meghan, is 40 years old and Scottish actor Murray Fraser, who plays Harry, is only 24. The age difference didn't seem to matter to either couple.

4. Career

Meghan has wanted to be an actress since she was a young girl. She worked hard accepting small jobs until she landed the one that she is mostly known for.

She was a briefcase model on the game show, "Deal or No Deal." She starred as a smart attorney on the legal drama "Suits" until she gave up her acting career after she became engaged to Prince Harry last November.

5. Divorced

Meghan's marriage to Prince Harry will not be her first one. She married film producer Trevor Engelson in 2011.

The marriage lasted only two years.

6. A humanitarian and philanthropist

Meghan has been involved in charity work before she and Harry met in 2016. That is one of the things he likes about her. She has traveled to many places around the world helping others. She will continue to do so with her new husband.

7. Wedding dress

Meghan is paying for her wedding dress that has a six-figure price tag. That is not unusual because Kate Middleton paid for her Alexander McQueen dress when she married Prince William on April 29, 2011.

8. No maid of honor

Because she has so many women friends, Meghan did not want to choose one from among the others.

Therefore, she will not have a maid of honor. It is traditional for children to be bridesmaids in royal weddings. So, she will have children bridesmaids and page boys.

9. Speaking at the wedding reception

Meghan reportedly is breaking a wedding tradition and will make a speech at her reception that is usually reserved for the best man. The bride wants to give a toast to thank her new husband, his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, her family and friends for helping make her wedding day a special one.

10. Honeymoon

The couple will not go on a honeymoon immediately after the wedding. When they decide to go, Meghan is paying for the trip as a gift to her new husband.