"Big Brother" returns to CBS with a brand new group of people known as HouseGuests, according to the Daily Mail UK. Season 20 will kick off with a two-night premiere on Wednesday, June 27 from 8 PM to 10:00 PM and Thursday, June 28 from 9 PM to 10 PM. Julie Chen is returning as the host of the popular reality show that has been a favorite since 2000, where contestants compete for $500,000 over the entire summer.

Time schedule for 'Big Brother'

Viewers got used to seeing multiple episodes of "Big Brother" last season. That time schedule will exist again this upcoming season.

There will be three episodes each week. Starting on June 27, the airtime will be 8 PM until July 4 when it will move to 9 PM. On Thursdays, the series will air at 9 PM and on Sundays at 8 PM.

New HouseGuests

"Big Brother" always aims to please, and it seems like viewers will have a lot to look forward to. The diversified group of 16 men and women is expected to bring something to the show that has never been seen before. There will be new activities and events in a remodeled high tech house with a Silicon Valley theme.

Every room has been redesigned with colors and modern furniture, including a rotating couch.

The HOH suite has been updated so the Head of Household will be able to spy on the other HouseGuests.

The new group includes persons who range in ages from 21 to 40.

There is a female pro football player, a female welder, a Las Vegas entertainer, a pageant queen, a flight attender, a substitute teacher, and a former undercover policeman along with others who cover a wide range of interesting careers.

Season 20 format

Those who have watched the series for many years know they should always expect the unexpected.

That is definitely going to be true this season with many twists starting with the very first episode. On the premiere night, the contestants are going to jump right in with three different challenges as they are watched by 94 cameras.

The contestants might never get bored because the house has been set up to include game rooms packed with fun things to do. For instance, there is a wall with 450 different fidget spinners. There is another room that has a wall set up where guests can literally "climb the wall," EW noted. There are many games and activities to do throughout the house.

As in the past, live feeds will be available through CBS All Access so viewers can see what is happening with the contestants even when the show is not on the air.

Longtime viewers are excited about the upcoming season and can't wait to see how the various contestants with interact with one another. Usually, there are some showmances in "Big Brother." That might be the case this season as well.