Joe Jackson, whose real name was Joseph Walter Jackson, died on Wednesday, June 27 at the age of 89. According to People, the patriarch of the Jackson family died of terminal pancreatic cancer five days after he was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital. Jackson would have turned 90 years old on July 26.

CBS News reported that Jackson suffered from many illnesses after he had his first stoke in 2012. Following that, he was hospitalized several times for other strokes and a total of three heart attacks. During his 87th birthday celebration in 2015, he was hospitalized in Brazil.

Since then, he had been in and out of the hospital, and doctors implanted a pacemaker.


Joe had been married to Katherine Jackson since November 5, 1949. The couple had been living apart since 1982. Joe lived in Las Vegas while Katherine remained in Encino, California. Katherine filed for divorce twice but rescinded the papers both times. Even though they were separated, the 88-year-old surviving wife denied rumors that they were estranged. She, along with other family members, visited Joe in the hospital on Tuesday (June 26), a day before he died.


Jackson was well known for being the father and manager of his children, many of whom were talented in music. Two of them, the late Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, were more successful than the others.

Joe and Katherine had a total of ten children. Nine of them had careers in music. Marlon's twin, Brandon, died the same day he was born. Jackson's daughter, Joh'Vonnie Jackson, was born during Jackson's 25-year-long affair with Cheryl Terrell.

Jackson was the driving force behind his children's success after he didn't fulfill his own dream of becoming a musical star.

Two of his children became more famous than the others. Michael Jackson became a household name before his death on June 25, 2009. People still remember him today. Janet Jackson recently returned to touring after giving birth when she was 50 years old. Some success came to the oldest child, Rebbie, and to Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, La Toya, Marlon, and Randy.


Tributes have been posted since Joe's death. Many of them have come in from his own children and grandchildren, who called him the Hawk. Celebrities and politicians have also sent condolences. Those celebrities include the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., the Rev. Al Sharpton, Jimmy Osmond, Juicy J, and R. Kelly. The Apollo Theater in Harlem posted a photo on Twitter of its marque honoring the legendary Joe Jackson.