It seems someone might have wanted to see their co-workers in distress -- or at least lining up to use the bathroom -- when they brought a tray of homemade brownies into work. The homemade delectable delights were chock-full of laxatives. The 47-year-old woman lost her job for her laxative-laced brownies.

Police officers in Saline, Michigan, were called to MMI Engineered Solutions at 1715 Woodland Drive by someone who worked there. The authorities were notified when the people at this business received a tip that a tray of brownies was spiked with laxatives, which was brought in by one employee for another employee's send-off party.

Stampede for the bathroom stopped by a tipster?

That tip came in before anyone was able to consume the brownies reportedly full of laxatives. The woman who baked the brownies and brought them into work to share with her co-workers denied that her brownies contained anything other than ingredients for brownies.

Police questioned the worker, but she maintained that there was nothing baked into the brownies, despite the allegations being made. According to Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart, the woman continued on with her denial until she was told the brownies were about to be forensically tested for their ingredients.

Denied tampering until...

This changed the woman's tune and she finally admitted that she baked the brownies using laxatives as one of the ingredients. Knowing that the brownies would be tested for tampering left the woman with no option but to fess up to what she had done. It was also not divulged just how the company's employees found out about the spiked brownies before they could be consumed.

The woman's name was withheld from the press. Police also learned from other employees of the company that there was some tension between this woman who baked the brownies and the employee who was leaving the company. It is not known what caused that tension between the two employees.

Spike co-workers food, lose your job

According to MLive, the woman was let go from her job after the brownie incident, but the police did not file any charges against her.

She was let go without facing any legal consequences despite her actions being considered a crime in the eyes of the law. Hart said if someone had consumed the food, there might have been a different outcome, but she wasn't charged by the police even though what she did is considered a criminal offense. Hart told reporters that this is "a criminal act."

Criminal offense

The police chief also went on to say that this is the type of joke that kids play and it is usually followed by a lesson about food tampering not being a joke. Someone could suffer an allergic reaction or have unknown medical concerns that could exasperate the effects of the laxative.

Despite Hart calling this a "very serious act" the woman got away without legal ramifications, but she did lose her employment.