Concept artist Joshua Dunlop's take on our favorite Pokemon characters is both realistic and out-of-this-world. He was able to bring to life each monster through his mastered digital manipulation. His works have gone viral since 2016 but his followers continue to grow in numbers to this day. So here are 10 of his digital masterpieces.


Pikachu is undeniably the most loved Pokemon character of all time. Dunlop made sure that his version did not come short of cuteness. Portrayed adorably as a wild forest mouse, Pikachu fits perfectly with the swampy background.

This electric mouse Pokemon captured the spotlight with its endearing red cheeks which appear to be contoured dimples.


It seems that Bulbasaur is sizing up whoever tries to look him straight in the eye. Known for being quite the snobby one, the artist elevated this Pokemon's seed origin when he portrayed it as a frog in a tropical wilderness. It turns into Ivysaur when its evolution level reaches its second class peak.


This is Ivysaur. As seen in the photo, the bud of Bulbasaur has finally popped into a shy flower blossom. The artist has successfully encapsulated the stingy aura of this Pokemon which later on will evolve to Venusaur.


Eevee first appeared in "Pokemon Red And Blue." However, Dunlop opted to recreate this charming Pokemon as a house pet.

It is quite debatable whether the artist tried to imply that his Eevee was a cat or a mouse.


One of the most recognizable Pokemon characters, Squirtle becomes even more adaptable in this digital interpretation. Appearing under water as a free roaming turtle, the artist has made a very relevant touch on this piece, raising awareness for the wild turtles' campaign against illegal trade.


With a flash of embers, the young artist has portrayed Vulpix as a wild fox. This petite monster belongs to the fire Pokemon category and is the original form of the enchanting Ninetales. Water, rock and ground elements pose threats to her kind but can she throw a Flash Fire to protect herself.


Charmander first appeared in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokemon franchise.

It belongs to the lizard category and is a fire type monster. It is also known as one of Ash's most loyal companions sticking under his care until it evolved into a full-fledged Charizard.


Although Charmeleon did not take a longer screen time in the series compared to Charmander and Charizard, it has undoubtedly shown its strength as a fire type Pokemon under the flame category. By just looking at this graphic illustration, we can see the artist was able to show how fiery Charmeleon can be.


Psyduck has defied standard Pokemon norms by just being a cute and troubled a weirdo amidst challenges. This Pokemon successfully brought balance to Misty's perfect team by being the imperfection.

However, he is not just a bluff splinter in the group, Psyduck's is one of the pioneering cast. It first appeared in "Pokemon Red and Blue" and continued to charm the audience in subsequent sequels.


Wartortle is the second level evolved form of Squirtle which will eventually turn into Blastoise. He is shown showcasing his water skills and torrent abilities.

About the Artist

Joshua Dunlop hails from London, UK. He got his MA Concept Art for Games and Animation from Teeside University. With over 60 thousand followers, this promising concept artist posts his graphic manipulations on his official Instagram account.