Pokémon Go has turned the streets and sidewalks of major cities into a scene usually reserved forzombie movies and shows. People are walking unaware of their surroundings while staring down at theirsmartphones full of Pokémon Go directions. There's no better evidence of the Pokémon Go zombie effect than there is in New York City's Central Park.

Zombie-like Pokémon Go players

According to Sports Illustrated, Central Park in New York is "overrun" with Pokémon Go players. Just at a quick glance in this video posted to Twitter below, you can see at least eight people so engrossed in their Smartphones that they are seemingly unaware of what is going on around them.

Pokémon Go players getting injured

Fox and Friends live on Thursday morning talked about how this Pokémon Go is like the Candy Crush craze, but you have to get up and move to play this game. They have also said it is becoming dangerous because people are not watching were they are going. So far many minor injuries and mishaps have been reported, like a woman who fell into a lake and anotherwoman who went head firstinto a fountain.The New York Post has shared pictures of injuries sustained by people while in the thrall of playing Pokémon Go.

They have many bruises to prove they are die-hard fans. People are wandering around with their eyes glued to their smartphones looking fordigital monsters.

How does it work?

You download the app then start your trek to the various landmarks nearby supplied by the game using a very high-tech and precise GPS system. Some of these destinations are calledPokéstops.

Here you can pick up supplies needed to catch a Pokémon monster such as Poké balls, which are balls you throw at the monster to capture it.

Other locations are called Gyms, but they are not actual gyms in the real-world. A gym could be any public place designated by the game. This is where the Pokémon battles go on, where you win and lose.

In any given city or town there are Pokéstops and Gyms all around.

Unwelcomed players

There have been some designated Pokéstops and Gyms that are getting the ire up of the people living or working there. One Gym was a person's house, which was originally a church 40 years ago.

The Pokémon game doesn't designate people's homes as a Pokéstop or a Gym, but the mistake of using an old map has one man's home tagged as a "Gym" in the game after it had been a church, but remodeled 40 years ago into a house. This poor guy has people lurking all over his property because of this game.

The police in Darwin, Australian, are fed up with people trampling all over the place because their station is deemed a Pokéstop.

They are now asking people to stop waltzing into the police station.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the game

Folks are actually getting exercise and meeting people once they get to a destination. People are playing Pokémon Go around town and on cross-country trips... it's really taken hold. While this game sounds like a lot of fun, there's also been some disturbing outcomes. Besides injuries reported from Maine to California, some criminal elements have found a way to benefit from the game. A group of four men were using this game to lure people into an ambush where they were robbed at gunpoint in Missouri. They hit up to nine victims before they were found and arrested.

A teen playing the Pokémon Go was led to a nearby river where there a dead man's body was floating in the water.

The body had nothing to do with the game, it just happened to surface near a Pokéstop. Police report they believe the death was an accidental drowning.

One person living near a cemetery said he sees people wandering aimlessly among the headstones at all times of the day and night. There are Pokéstops among the burial spots in that cemetery. Seeing zombie-like Pokémon Go players lurking in the cemetery has to be an eerie site.