This is not fake news. You really can lose weight by getting rid of Clutter from around you. If you are serious about losing weight, try to eliminate clutter out of your life.There are some major areas where clutter accumulates, and you can start in those places. People tend to throw things out of sight, including the closets, attic, basement, and garage.

Direct connection

There is a direct connection between holding onto clutter and holding onto excess weight. By the same token, there is a direct connection between getting rid of clutter and getting rid of the weight, according to scientists.

People might go on a strict diet and not lose an ounce. They might go to the gym several times a week, and they wonder why they just don't Lose Weight. Clutter just might be the culprit.

Overweight hoarders

To prove the point, look at the appearance of those who are hoarders. Most hoarders are overweight. Studies show that 77 percent of people with cluttered houses are overweight or obese. As soon as they get rid of whatever they are hoarding, the weight seems to drop off. This happens for both men and women.


Trapped energy is in clutter, and once it is eliminated, weight disappears. Doctors are amazed when they notice a weight loss in their patients. Sometimes patients tell their doctors they don't know how they lost weight because they have not been dieting or exercising.

Then, the doctor might ask them if they have been doing any spring cleaning. The focus is not on any strenuous work to burn calories that could have caused the weight loss. Instead, the focus is on the elimination of negative energy from around them.

Researchers have found that as soon as a person cleans out his house, car, garage, attic or basement, he will see a vast different in his weight.

That's because subconsciously he is releasing the unwanted weight.

AARP agrees with this explanation and emphasizes that if you want to lose weight, lose unwanted items and objects from around you that are taking up space. The organization is convinced that you will shed some pounds in no time at all.

AARP offers tips on how to declutter.

Peter Walsh's book, "Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight" is based on the principle of getting rid of things you have accumulated over the years in order to have a slimmer body. If you don't believe the principle of losing clutter to lose weight, try it on a small scale to see if it works for you. Begin by tossing out a few unwanted items. You just might be surprised at the immediate results.