Fans of “Pokemon GOhave been long waiting for the coming of legendary Pokemon since the game’s release. After quite awhile, it seems like Niantic now hear their cries as an executive from the company teases it is unveiling the much-awaited monsters this summer.

Unveiling of legendary characters

After accepting the Webby Award for Best Mobile Game of 2017 recently, Niantic’s global marketing lead Archit Bhargava hinted that it will be a “legendary” summer for “Pokemon GO.” However, he hadn’t had the chance to explain his teaser further as the event’s winners were not allowed to deliver an acceptance speech longer than five words.

In a different interview with Wired’s German division through Nintendo Everything, Niantic CEO John Hanke, on the other hand, said that fans will definitely have more legendary birds this year. Hence, it will be no time that fans will finally get to catch these much-awaited monsters.

The addition of the much-awaited creatures

It has been known that the game’s fans have been quite desperate to catch these legendary birds, thus they added these characters in “Pokemon GO” by themselves. Of course, Niantic didn’t allow this to go on and punished the culprits. But, this just proves the lengths that players would go through to add these monsters, like Articuno, to the game.

The software development company even addressed the fans demand to reveal these legendaries.

In fact, Hanke revealed that a legendary event is about to happen real soon and they even promised that they wouldn’t do this with “half-measures.” They even planned to introduce these creatures with “care” and even considering if they could use it for gyms. But, they, too, are thinking how fans could not abuse the use of it.

Assumed release date & legendary creatures to be revealed

Now that Niantic has teased the coming of legendary Pokemons in “Pokemon GO,” fans are now waiting when it will exactly come. As everyone knows that the summer in the Northern Hemisphere will begin on June 21, hence, it is more likely for the game’s enthusiasts to expect these legendaries starting the mentioned date and so on.

There are even swirling rumors that the next major update for the augmented reality game will mostly focus on gyms. So this might be the time fans have been long waiting for. Niantic has yet to announce which of the much-awaited characters will be added in the game, but it is expected that Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are going to be seen. They have been featured on the game’s team logos and three of the well-known Pokemon with legendary status.