Niantic continues to add new changes and interesting options to “Pokémon GO." As users wait impatiently for the arrival of Legendary Pokémon as well as a new event for this summer, a new and interesting feature was added to the game recently. According to new information leaked by a source close to Niantic, as of this week, Android users will have a new option, where they can introduce new promotional codes in the store to redeem special items without having to pay.

New, interesting feature added to the app

The new promotional codes were recently discovered in a data mine from an earlier version of the app.

Niantic has not yet announced formally or officially this new novelty, however, according to the source who leaked this information, supported by a news portal that supports “Pokémon GO," these new codes are currently available to Android users. It should be mentioned that for users to be able to acquire these codes, it will be necessary to follow a series of important steps.

Steps that Android players must take to redeem promotional codes

1. In the map view, users need to touch the Main Menu button.

2. After touching the Main Menu button, press the Shop button.

3. At the bottom of the screen, the user must enter the promotional code in the text field.

4. Finally, after performing these steps, the promotional code is redeemed.

When can we start using these promotional codes?

The good news is that these new promotional codes are already available, however, we are waiting for Niantic to start sharing them, so at the moment, users of the widely popular application will likely have to wait for an official announcement. It has also been speculated that Poke Balls, the Lure Modules, and the Lucky Eggs will be delivered via the promotional code system, so it shows us that these codes will be of vital importance for Android users to get the most out of this "Pokemon GO" app.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.