Niantic Labs, the makers of Pokemon Go are currently working on adding Trading to the game so that players can exchange creatures with other players in their close vicinity. However, the players will not be able to trade across the internet. Pokemon Go players have been clamoring for extra features, and trading seems to be on top of everyone’s wish list. Niantic has not shared much about how trading will take place. Niantic senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura while speaking to Polygon said that trading is not going to happen via the internet. He added that it is not logical to do trade with someone who is hundreds of miles away and this will kill the spirit of the game.

Pitfalls of trading

It is easier said than done and this has dawned upon the creators of the game, and therefore it is taking so long to implement. There are many thorny issues which need to be addressed. Nomura ends the interview by accepting the fact that it has to get the trading rights and there is a chance of it killing the game. Many trading games have downsized or ditched the trading systems these days. There are many reasons for this. It could be a game changer and radically distort the game. It also takes away the feeling of achievement after actually playing and winning rewards. There is also a risk of out of the game Black Market which will go against the spirit of the game and also endanger the players.

Double edged sword

However by making the exchange between the local players and not on the net will be step in the right direction. However, the risk of the black market is still there.

With more than 650 million downloads worldwide it will not be difficult for any player to meet someone on the internet and conclude a deal. This is more of a possibility in bigger cities.

In July last year, many search apps and sites, including Pokévision, were disabled as they infringed Niantic's terms and conditions. On February 27, 2017, Niantic proclaimed that Pokémon Go had crossed a whopping 650 million downloads.