Following their defeat in last season’s NBA finals, the superstars of the Cleveland Cavaliers are now being haunted by trade rumors circulating in the league. First, LeBron James was believed to be interested in signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, the spotlight has shifted to the team’s All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving.

Reports have it that the Cavaliers could be parting ways with Kyrie Irving after next season. The superstar reportedly wants out if and only if LeBron James decides to be out, too. James, in particular, is set to become a free agent after the 2017-18 season.

Hence the front offices of the league have aired their interest in signing the 2016 finals MVP.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in crisis

It seems luck has diminished the moment the team lost to the Golden State Warriors in the finals. Following the trade rumors, the organization’s general manager David Griffin has voiced his plan to discontinue his position the moment the contract expires come June 30. There is no denying that the front office is in a critical offseason and that any decision they make today will most likely affect their future in the league.

Now, unfortunately for the Cleveland Cavaliers front office, Kyrie Irving has entered the trade discussions. Irving is believed to have discussed his intentions to push for a trade if he feels that the team’s run could possibly end in a blink of an eye.

The point guard sees it as an inevitable event the moment LeBron James opts out after next NBA season. Irving is currently attached to a contract throughout the 2018-19 season, but he has a player option that he can exercise come 2019-20.

Huge change and what it means for the team

Obviously, the Cleveland Cavaliers will automatically be removed as one of the biggest title contenders in the league.

If what Kyrie Irving said was true, then his departure in the future might mean that LeBron James has taken his talents to another team in the league. That immediately leaves the Cavs looking for players to fill two massive positions, both of which are of All-Star calibers. Believe it or not, but the team will not be significant as they are now if not for James and Irving.

This offseason has really become a struggle for the entire organization, and for sure, Griffin’s exit did not help in promoting stability; let alone Kyrie Irving leaving. In fact, this might even have the slightest of possibility that James’ decision to leave (if he is to leave) is due to the executive’s departure. Either that, the front office still has a bigger job in building the team in preparation for the next season.