Many will agree that the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals because of a defense loophole. The scoring was not an issue, though the team would have used a little help from Kevin Love and the bench. Still, it was the teams’ incapacity to present a formidable defense that led them to their demise.

When it comes to shooting and/or raining downtown threes, the Cleveland Cavaliers have many to rely on. There is LeBron James, in particular, and Kyrie Irving who can slash his way to the basket. The two are even enough to score half of the team’s overall points.

Then there is Kevin Love and J.R. Smith, who, despite fluctuating performances, can still be deadly outside the arc. The list goes on and on. However, when it comes to providing defense, the job can only be relied upon Tristan Thompson.

What the Cleveland Cavaliers need

Thompson is without a doubt a great defender and a reliable post player. He is even a good pick-and-roll guy, who can do magic together with James or Irving. But if he is outside the court, who is there to dominate the glass and the paint?

Channing Frye? Although he has shown great potentials inside, he does not really provide a substantial defense-offense presence. Clearly, the team needs a center willing to go toe-to-toe with other centers in the league.

This is where the front office of the Cleveland Cavaliers need to focus on. This is where their resources for the next season should be invested. They need a player who can substitute (or, even better, replace) Thompson in every match. Sure, James and the other guys can still put out a dominating inside game; however, everyone knows they have a much better role to fill in individually.

Besides, James needs someone to help him get inside scoring, so he can solely worry about their outside shots.

Enter DeMarcus Cousins

If the Cleveland Cavaliers’ only has the option to trade Love, then so be it. They can do much better with a DeMarcus Cousins trade anyway. Boogie has proven himself, time after time, that he is finals-worthy.

If Sacramento Kings had a good roster or talent around him, his team would have made it to the top. While he is residing in New Orleans Pelicans, his current team is just an inch better than his previous organization. Boogie needs a reliable team as good as James’.

Imagine Golden State Warriors facing a Cleveland Cavaliers team with Cousins on it. They would definitely have trouble dominating the inside paint. While they can always resort to giving out threes, they know that they also need inside scoring. Remember, too, that Boogie is a player who makes a living in perimeter shooting; not to mention that he is a good ballhandler.

With Boogie’s presence, James and his boys will be able to incorporate perimeter shooting and post-play in their games. James will not even have to play these roles in one single night. Cousins will be there to guard the paint, secure the ball and do magic.