Kevin Love is once again at the center of all NBA trade rumors following the loss of the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors at the finals. Interestingly, there is yet to be a confirmed trade or deal for the power forward. But given the popularity of the guy in trade talks, it is safe to think that he will be part of these, whether he likes it or not.

The NBA superstar Kevin Love came to LeBron James’ kingdom to help the squad achieve dominance. They did and were soon rewarded with the franchise’s first championship after several years of drought.

Nevertheless, Love’s performance has always been an issue, not to mention his health lately. On one night he can score tremendously, but after a couple of days, he struggles once more.

Trading Love is not an answer to Cleveland’s issues

NBA trade rumors suggest that the Cavaliers’ front office are entertaining the idea of getting Kevin Love out. While this can be disheartening to the entire fandom, keep in mind that this has no value yet so people should take it with a pinch of salt. Sadly for the guy, rumors about trades have always been attached to his name. Perhaps it would have been the other way around had they won the finals, but they did not.

Whether or not Kevin Love is out, enthusiasts believe that trading him will not really solve the team’s problem.

First of all, the front office does not really have the luxury to acquire another big name in the league. Because if they are to spend, they will be getting it at a taxpayer’s midlevel exception. This can be mitigated, however, if there is one in the team who is willing to take a huge cut. Still, their best move is to look at free agency and resort to keeping the power forward.

If they are to really trade, getting a player of the same caliber or even better is like taking a shot at the moon.

Why Love is, ironically, their only option for trade

According to The Ringer, apart from being a beast, Kevin Love is still among the best weapons the Cleveland Cavaliers have at matching the Golden State Warriors.

Unluckily for them, they do not have a first-pick option to find a new gem in the draft pick. If there is a route they should take, it is via trading. To understand how this might work with the front office, it is necessary to determine which players are included in the picture. First are both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, but given the value they bring to the team, these two are untouchables. Next is J.R. Smith: he may not be the kind of shooting guard that can score consistent points each night but he is still an irreplaceable player who offers the catch-and-shoot strategy that the Cavs have mastered. This is where Smith makes a living, so taking him out of the team is a total loss, so to speak.

This would leave the trading possibilities between Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Apparently, though, the latter is the best they have in defense, though his offense flaws can be straightened out. If this is the case, the option Cavs has is no other than the power forward superstar. He is the only player in the team that remains significant but expendable. If the front office is lucky enough to break down the walls, his price could open up to the likes of Paul George or even Carmelo Anthony.