First, it happened: Sister wife Meri Brown was catfished by a woman online, who duped Meri when she was feeling vulnerable. As fans witnessed on past episodes, Meri admittedly developed feelings for a person she truly believed was a man – and it wasn’t her husband Kody Brown.

Catfish Jackie Overton is making another splash. She’s back, but this time she has declared “war” on Meri, according to In Touch Weekly. Kody Brown and the “Sister Wives” have had therapy to work on their relationship issues.

Some of the problems between Kody and Meri were openly shared with viewers.

Aspects of their therapy together were also featured. For die-hard “Sister Wives” fans it was actually heartbreaking when Meri opened up to wives Christine, Janelle, and Robyn, telling them about the catfish.

Return of Jackie Overton is not good news

Fans have felt hopeful that the Brown family would heal from the past and move forward to share more pleasant experiences. The return of the catfish isn’t good news – for anyone.

Let’s just use the cliché and accept that the “Sister Wives” actually do have a marriage that’s complicated and problems that evolve – even in the most socially acceptable form of traditional marriage – when there are four wives involved in a plural marriage.

Adding to the layer of living with one husband and three sister wives is the fact that only one couple, at a time, can be legally married.

As a result, three of the marriages are spiritual connections and life bonding, thanks to quite a number of children (in sum).

To assure that Kodi’s fourth wife’s children (Robyn) from a pre-existing marriage could receive insurance and other benefits, Meri and Kody divorced. It freed Kody to legally marry Robyn.

Then in 2015, along came the catfish, whose legal name is Jackie Overton.

Jackie, however, presented herself to Meri as “Sam Cooper.” While it is far less than ethical to behave in a way that lured Meri into thinking that “he” was a man, what made it worse is that “he” never did reveal that he was actually Jackie. Meri had to ferret the facts for herself.

Fast forward to 2018. Jackie is back. Fans are wondering: Stalker?

Jackie is threatening to unleash a new round of ammo against Meri. Catfish Jackie allegedly has risqué pictures of Meri that she is claiming she will release for the public to digest.

Jackie is 'crazy'

The genesis for Jackie reemerging is rooted in the March 18 TLC episode of “Sister Wives.” Meri referenced Jackie as “crazy.” Okay, crazy is not a clinical diagnosis, but it is a term many people use when someone acts in a manner that misleads another, most especially in a way that entices someone to fall in love. Meri fell for “Sam,” not Jackie.

Fans are so down on Jackie. It is unlikely that viewers will turn their backs on Meri, despite what Jackie threatens. Rather, it is hoped that Meri is receiving support and takes steps to ensure she feels safe.

In the past, a restraining order was in effect to protect another woman Jackie catfished online. Threats and acts of revenge are not okay.

Many fans think that pursuing a person who is a public figure, and then seeking to “get back” at someone for feeling rejected does not give one license to threaten someone for relaying an opinion.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Jackie will take a seat and leave Meri alone? Sound off in the comments below.

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