In last week’s episode of "Sister Wives," Meri Brown and Kody Brown decided to visit a marriage counselor. Going by the confessions made by both parties, it finally seems that Meri has gathered the necessary courage and is just a few steps away from sensing her freedom. The Browns have seen a lot, especially Meri Brown. Kody Brown’s first legal wife and the longest survivor (if can be said so) in the show, was married for 30 years. She finally decided to end her ties with Kody back on September 25, 2014. Even after falling victim to a catfishing scheme, she decided to come back to Kody despite knowing all the obstacles, reports The Sun.

Since then, things have not been going well between the two.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown's relationship on 'Sister Wives'

Meri Brown has gone on to write many cryptic messages on social media and, every time, Kody seems to have downplayed those hidden meanings. Kody, apparently, feels that Meri has been victimizing herself and that she’s just using her unpleasant attitude as an excuse. Such has been Kody’s attitude that he seems to have given up on Meri.

In this week’s confession to the marriage counselor, the “Lion” of the polygamous family confessed that he has gone “soft-pedaled” on her. Furthermore, he went on to suggest that both should “take the temperature of their wedding.” On the other hand, even Meri did not hold herself back.

Before arriving at the counselor, Meri stressed the fact on camera that she has been meaning to do this for a long time now.

Her confessions seemed to reflect the fact that she is done with the relationship and maybe she has found the joys of her life somewhere too. In front of the counselor, Meri laid it out flatly, that the relationship is over.

Upon hearing that, Kody tried to explain how their relationship has been in recent years. It has not been on the smoothest of surfaces. “I am just done with hearing how am wrong,” Kody said in this week’s episode.

Kody's confession

On top of that, Kody has even confessed that both of them are not living as a married couple. Meri feels that Kody is not willing to make things work out in between them.

For he feels that Meri self-victimizing her. Kody and Meri got married in 1990 and they share a daughter named Mariah. After the catfishing scheme scandal, when Meri returned to stay with Kody in their Las Vegas residence, she realised that the relationship had gone out of hand.

Recent episodes of 'Sister Wives'

Meri's confessions on the following episodes were more on the lines of an outsider. She felt that that the Kody and the rest of his extended family were not hers anymore and somehow they have distanced herself. In the past two years, Meri has been taking a lot of time off from the family. She has been going on vacations and even Kristyne Decker (Christine’s aunt) feels that Meri must have finally found her calling.

Earlier she tweeted saying, “Walk away from any bad vibes.” All this seems pretty clear that she is done with the relationship and that she is finally ready to walk out of it. Stay tuned for more "Sister Wives" updates.