"Sister Wives" by TLC takes viewers into the life of Kody Brown's family. Many of us see a glimpse into the lives of the polygamous family as the ever-popular seasons roll by. Meri Brown accumulated lots of fans who love her positivity as she aims for a fulfilled life. But, she also gets lots of haters because she remains involved in the life of her man, Kody. But it seems that Meri's thoroughly sick of people critiquing her lifestyle. On her Instagram this weekend she told it how it is, pointing out that she's not living her life for you. In fact, she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her lifestyle choices.

Meri Brown nicely tells 'Sister Wives' critics where to get off on how she's living her life

On her Instagram post on Friday night, Meri let off some steam. Her rather long post started off by saying, "Not everyone likes me. That's ok, I like me." She noted that "People will criticize my shoes." But she's okay with that as she has "foot issues and [she needs] to be careful what kind of shoes [she] wears to not cause too much pain." The "Sister Wives" star went on, talking about her necklace. She said, "People will mock my necklace because it's not centered in this photo. That's fine, I just did a little twirl and didn't stop to check that it was straight before this photo was taken."

Next, Meri discussed something people often comment on rather rudely.

She wrote, "People talk trash about my dark front tooth, that's fine, I had fun as [a] kid and fell and it killed it, but it didn't kill me." Actually, the amount of petty sniping that goes her way gets revealed in more comments by Meri. She noted, "People will criticize my choice of outfit because they're not comfortable with pattern mixing, but that's ok because I am, and I'm the one wearing this and I feel confident."

Business and lifestyle choices, not your business says Meri of 'Sister Wives'

The extent of criticism for Meri often stems from a lack of insider knowledge.

As Meri points out, "People love to talk trash about my business choices, that's ok, they don't realize the truth because they just "google" their information." Let's face it, she's right where she says, "Of all people, I'm one who knows what kind of "information" one gets when "googling" something."

Summing up her take on what critics of "Sister Wives" think, Meri said, "The fact of the matter is, I'm living MY life for ME, and I'm happy with it." She added, "I'm confident in my choices.

I'm happy with what I'm doing. And that's all that matters." Actually, reading through her social media posts, all of those points Meri made come up over and over. People really do spend an inordinate amount of time finding things to criticize about her lifestyle and business choices.

What do you think about "Sister Wives" star Meri Brown telling it how it is - that she's not living her life for you. She did tell critics off in the nicest possible way. Do you think it's only right that Meri Brown needn't care what anyone thinks about her lifestyle?

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