"90 Day Fiance" fans really grew to like Michale Jessen's ex-wife, Sarah on season 7 of the show. They applauded the way she raised their nice kids, Cece and Max. Plus, they love that way she deals with the fact that Michael married Juliana. In fact, she took Juliana to fit her wedding gown. Actually, these days, both of them mention on their Instagrams that they get along very well. A few days ago she reported she went for her mammogram and they found a lump. But, news came on Friday, that they discovered it's invasive and she requires more surgery and treatment.

Many fans support her with love and prayers on her Instagram.

Sarah, Michael Jessen's ex featured on the '90 Day Fiance show', has breast cancer

Sarah took to her Instagram a few days back and shared about her mammogram. In her original post on March 9, she shared, "Get your annual Mammogram! Early detection saves lives! It did mine!" Well, on Friday, in her update, she revealed she's not home and dry yet. It looks like though they seem to have caught it early, there's more surgery and treatment in the works.

Sarah's latest post to "90 Day Fiance" fans explained more about it. She said in a card post that she really appreciates all the loving support. Plus, she noted the worrying news that the "lumpectomy pathology indicates the cancer is no longer contained is now an invasive form." Sarah noted that this means she undergoes "lymph node removal" next Thursday.

Only following that surgery, will doctors made decision on her treatment. Sarah asked for people to continue supporting her in prayer, and urged people to remember to get their mammograms.

Plenty of '90 Day fiance' fans step up their support and prayers

In her latest post, so many fans said they care deeply and that they continue praying her for and their family.

Here's what some fans said to her:

  • "Lots of good thoughts and prayers for sure."
  • "Momma! We’ve covered you in [prayer]."
  • "Oh my!!! So sorry. Prayers to lift you up. Your children and your support group will see you thru this. You’re strong and selfless."
  • "Keeping you and your family in my prayers."
  • "Omg omg you are in my family prayers. You got this, be strong!"
  • "This too shall pass prayers to you and your family! Positive mind positive body - you got this!"
  • "So much love and support to the most deserving example of grace & love."

Maxwell Jessen 'loves' his mom's post

Maxwell, still a young teen, loved his mom's post and that shows how much he cares.

Fans adore him and Cece, and some of them think they're really wise kids. But, wise or not, it's still his mom and no doubt, very worrying. His dad Michael co-parents the kids and certainly, on television, he and his ex-wife Sarah seem to be in as good a place as divorcees can be. He too, probably shares very deep concern for her as well.

All fans of "90 Day Fiance" can do now, is keep her on their prayer list until she hopefully makes a full recovery.

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