"90 Day Fiance" leaks came out that Tania and Syngin return to the franchise. Now, several bloggers and fan sites on Instagram indicate that Larissa Lima also returns to "Happily Ever After." While those sites use the word "confirmed," it's probably too early to classify it as that. Many fans hope it's actually just a rumor. In the meantime, those fans who don't like her had their say about it on Instagram.

Larissa Lima appeared on '90 Day Fiance' and 'Happily Ever After' in the past, not a happy time

Blasting News reported that Tania and Syngin return to the spin-off of '90 Day Fiance" - 'Happily Ever After.' That news came from @fraudedbytlc who also runs their Fraudcast podcast.

So, generally, it's accepted as a probable fact. But, several other bloggers mentioned the return of Larissa Lima. John Yates, usually reliable never mentioned it yet. Right now, it looks like it's not possible to actually confirm if Larissa returns. Nevertheless, those who reported it include @hundred_percent_true_sh*t who is followed by well-known YouTuber Katie of "Without A Crystal Ball."

Next up, @thechanteltea reported Larissa Lima returns to the franchise. Then, @90dayfianceupdate carried the story of her return. They are quite reliable and many verified cast members follow them. But, fans should note that none of these are verified Instagram accounts. However, coming from so many sources, it looks quite positive that someone leaked the news.

Larissa already appeared on the original show with Colt Johnson. They then returned for "Happily Ever After," and neither of those came with a happy ending.

Fans upset as Larissa broke up with Eric, got back with him after the '90 Day Fiance' Tell-All

Speculation started a while back, that Larissa and Eric might return to the show.

Recall their very public breakup that "90 Day Fiance" fans heard about in September last year? Fans know that Eric made a surprise appearance on the Tell-All at the end of "Happily Ever After" last time. They dated for a while and then broke up. But since then, they made-up and allegedly get along fine. So, people thought maybe it was for the show.

Now, some fans wonder if they return as a couple for the next season.

Here's what some fans said on the "90 Day Fiance Update" page about a possible return:

  • "She abandoned her kid bc she's a narcissist. She doesn't deserve the attention."
  • "Queen of what and Back for what? Ugh!"
  • "She needs to go home and raise her children."
  • "They’re not still married...why would she be on Happily Ever After? That show should be for the couples who have been successful or have worked very hard to have successful marriages. I don’t wanna see Larissa’s BS."
  • "Oh H*ll no hope she’s done with poor Colt and no found another sucker."

Many unhappy '90 Day Fiance' fans, but Larissa's got adoring followers

While many fans expressed their anger about a possible return, Larissa also racked up loads of followers and adoring fans.

On her verified Instagram, she's got nearly 400k followers. Many of them love the fact that she survived what they feel is a toxic relationship with Colt and his mom Debbie. Blasting News reported how the "90 Day Fiance" star transformed her appearance, and fans raved about it. So, she's not universally hated.

A few fans of Larissa said they wouldn't mind seeing more of her. One noted, "Can’t wait to see her." What do you think about most of the fans of the TLC franchise reacting angrily to a possible return by Larissa Lima? Do you think she might feature with Eric again?

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