When Calls the Heart” faithful are already counting by calendars, fingers, and toes until the February 23 return of the Hallmark Channel’s most beloved series for its seventh season. That alone is a reason for jubilation in the heart of every “Heartie” and Entertainment Tonight brought news on February 1 that “When Hope Calls” will join “When Calls the Heart” on the cable channel’s Sunday night “can’t miss” schedule, starting with the Season 7 premiere.

Next to some tender romance secrets for “When Calls the Heart” central character, Elizabeth, brought to life by Erin Krakow, or a play date with “baby Jack” twins, Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor, nothing could be sweeter than having the two dramas back-to-back.

The themes of community, faith, and, common strength are bound to combine for an uplifting sendoff into a week for fans. While the TV Shows share similar themes, their characters’ journeys are very different. The boost of having twice the gift of talented writers, cast, and showrunners all putting their best out every Sunday night can only be a double blessing to fans.

From streaming to joining ‘When Calls the Heart’ on Sundays

When Hope Calls” cultivated a loyal and vocal following in its first year as Hallmark Movies Now’s first original streaming drama in 2019. The characters of Grace Bennett (Jocelyn Hudon) and her sister, Lillian Walsh (Morgan Kohan) were introduced in the 2018 When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie feature, “When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing.” The sisters were waylaid in Hope Valley by a broken wheel just before Christmas Day, and the children they were transporting to become part of their own orphanage were treated to a warm welcome, as only that community can give.

The deep empathy of the sisters for the children in their care comes from personal experience. Lillian was adopted as a young girl and grew up in a loving home situation. Grace, however, endured much more heartache. She was never adopted and remained “in the system” until aging out. Lillian sets out to find her sister, and their first encounter is at the restaurant where Grace works.

They determine to give children the kind of genuine care that they wished for in their youth, and ultimately, establish their Brookfield orphanage in Lillian's childhood home.

“When Calls the Heart” favorites, Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, who portray Rosemary and Lee Coulter, also have heart-ties as characters to “When Hope Calls.” The couple delivered lumber to the Brookfield community after a devastating fire, and Kavan Smith has dropped vague hints that Lee and Rosemary will perhaps look to adoption in expanding their family in the future.

Romance comes to the forefront for ‘When Calls the Heart’ and ‘When Hope Calls’ characters

Season 7 is going to be a season of choices in suitors for Elizabeth Thornton on “When Calls the Heart” and the sisters of “When Hope Calls.” Last spring, Erin Krakow described that her character would be “more open” to the possibility of new love and that she had “pretty good options” with both Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry).

Fans will finally be able to follow the penetrating gaze from Elizabeth’s eyes while she dances in the arms of Lucas. Both gentlemen newcomers to Hope Valley gave memorable Christmas gifts of different kinds to family and community. Nathan gave his niece, Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) the chance to put down roots in the close-knit town when he declined a big promotion in his job.

Lucas got support from families of Hope Valley for an authentic German festival when the food ran short, and he treated everyone to a lovely spectacle of lanterns like they had never seen before.

The sisters of “When Hope Calls” have their own potential love partners. Greg Hovanessian portrays rancher to a reformed veterinarian, Chuck Stewart, who more than has an eye on Grace. Constable Gabriel Kinslow is played by RJ Hatanaka, whose more than taken with Lillian, both for her beauty and her devotion to her children. Just as the show portrays “beautiful relationships that are forming,” in the community as well as between potential love interests, Morgan Kohan hopes viewers will “appreciate their own families and the people that they have in their lives.” She is proud of the diversity in characters and viewpoints within the stories and how characters cope with the struggle.

Like her character, Jocelyn Hudon gives a spontaneous and honest summation of the drama. She credits that “When Hope Calls” will never give you “nightmares, night after night” and stresses the family values and relatability reflected in the storylines. She also notes that “lots of romance” is part of the drama’s appeal.

Common ground at last for fans of ‘When Calls the Heart’ and ‘When Hope Calls’

Greg Hovanessian and RJ Hatanaka praise the sense of community developed by both Hallmark Channel dramas. Fans have certainly found kinship and support as they follow the family-friendly dramas, and the character’s lives reflect the same sensibilities.

Hovanessian feels that his show has a role in rebuilding a sense of community that is missing is the “individualized” and more isolated living situations today.

“We've lost that sense of community,” the actor reflects. “Acceptance is another thing,” he continues, saying that “there’s this acceptance that comes in the hearts of all the characters.”

For his part, Hatanaka can't do or say enough to thank the fan base that sprung with “When Calls the Heart” and has transferred to “When Hope Calls.” “It's a really wonderful world and a wonderful group of people,” the star gushes. He hopes that fans see week to week that everyone involved is “doing our best to give it to the audience.” He calls the “Hearties” “incredible” and insists that “they deserve it.”

Many “When Calls the Heart” fans have longed to see more of “When Hope Calls” but simply could not manage streaming subscription, for one reason or another.

Dreams do come true, and now Sunday nights have both Hallmark favorites flowing straight from cable TV. Viewers are certain to be just as taken with Brookfield as they have felt for six seasons in Hope Valley. There is always room for more hope and heart.