Hoda Kotb took on the nickname “bottle of sunshine” from her last fourth-hour partner on “Today,” Kathie Lee Gifford. This morning, February 3, might already be a happy day for some viewing fans of the morning show, if they celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers, but Hoda Kotb was about to have a totally different reason for jubilation.

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb really only came together full-time as the “Today” fourth-hour duo in November. Both busy working moms took maternity leave—Hoda only days after the festivities for Kathie Lee Gifford's sendoff with the arrival of Hope Catherine and Jenna taking on guest co-hosts until her August leaves after the birth of baby Hal to her clan.

Children are indeed a blessing to be cherished, celebrated, and taken as first priorities in life. These mamas cherish their children and were raring to be back side-by-side for “Hoda & Jenna” just before the holidays.

It looked a lot like Christmas this morning when the familiar “Donna Dorable,” Donna Farizan, who does a lot of everything on the fourth-hour segment, wheeled out a red and white box topped with a bow on a cart. Hoda Kotb could never have imagined the “surprise” that was about to be sprung by Jenna Bush Hager.

Hopeful dreams come to the screen for Hoda Kotb

The box was big enough for loads of ladies’ “must-haves” or munchies, but instead, beneath the tissue paper, there was a remote control.

“Will you just press play?” Jenna directly asked. Hoda dutifully did as she was told, and the January images of Oprah talking with Jenna on a breezy Fort Lauderdale beach at the kickoff of her 2020 Vision Tour appeared.

Through the conversation, Oprah stressed, “living the gospel” of what you dream in life. She elaborated that a moment of stillness, determining what you want, and constantly embracing gratitude were keys to making dreams into reality.

At the close of their outdoor moments, Oprah addressed Hoda Kotb in the New York studio of “Today.

“I have not met you, but I tell you, it's going to happen,” Oprah assured the “Today” anchor who has longingly echoed her dream of meeting the television and media empire queen.

After the revisit of that memorable pledge, Jenna jumped to her feet, saying, “Guess what?

It's happening Friday!” The reaction was beyond the best Christmas present ever and dream prom date combined. Kotb grabbed her face in disbelief, asking “Are you kidding?” of the faithful crew.

A wardrobe change was in order for Hoda Kotb

Clapping for joy and donning a permanent grin just didn't seem to be enough for the news anchor newly in heaven.

“Can I have that “O” T-shirt?” requested Hoda Kotb. The dress code went out the window as Kotb pulled the white shirt with the emblazoned golden “O” straight over her head and over one of her favorite fuchsia dresses. So much for the Monday blahs.

The debut of “Hoda & Jenna & Friends,” featuring a live audience for the fourth hour, will be Thursday, February 6.

The premiere alone is plenty of reason to make Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager's hearts go pitter-patter and Queen O gracing their studio 6A stage on only the second day “live” will have the whole crowd soaring. This wish happened at warp speed. "I need a minute!" Kotb repeated.

Jenna kept repeating “Oprah” in her classic Texan drawl, and Kotb exclaimed: “She’s on our vision board!” The evidence of things wished for certainly turns into reality super-quick on “Today.”

Hoda Kotb has been manifesting even bigger wishes

Hoda Kotb has been living more than a red-letter day or a red ribbon box lately. During her visit last week with Ellen DeGeneres, the anchor talked about her romantic marriage proposal in November from longtime love, financier, Joel Schiffman.

Kotb related how the subject of marriage had come up before but was never really in focus until her “moment” and she felt everything changed. Ellen congratulated her guest, saying that “marriage is a beautiful thing we get to do.” During the same show taping, Hoda Kotb also got to meet Alicia Keys, another force for good in female empowerment.

In recent days, motherly thoughts have surged again for the 55-year-old adoptive mom. She reflected in a feature with E-News that questions in her journal of “Do we have enough love?” “Do we have enough time?” and “Will this [another child] enhance our lives?” have all been answered in the affirmative.

As an older parent, Hoda Kotb has become an ambassador for adoptive parents but embraces the idea of raising her daughters as siblings so that they always have “a hand to hold” through life, even long after parents are gone.

This much-loved lady of “Today” has no time to think of anyone leaving right now. Hoda Kotb just noticed that Oprah is coming on Friday.