"90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk" fans know Colt Johnson and his mom, aka Mother Debbie, join the cast on Sunday, September 15. Anyone who ever watched Colt and Larissa Lima on the show knows Mother Debbie featured a great deal. Plus, we know that Debbie Johnson's certainly got no love for Larissa, and vice versa. Now, following a public breakup by Larissa from her boyfriend Eric, Colt's mom thanked her for the bust-up. But it might not be for the reasons you think.

TLC showed Colt of '90 Day Fiance' would consider taking Larissa back

On the TLC show, we saw Colt in two minds about Larissa Lima.

The messy divorce, police call's, Larissa in jail and facing deportation, seems to have rolled off his back like the proverbial ducks and water. In the show, we saw host Shaun Robinson discussing the subject of removing wedding rings. Well, we know Larissa did as she bunged Colt's down the toilet. Of course, Mother Debbie freaked about that. In this discussion, the conversation got around to Colt and Larissa. It turned out that despite his mother's opposition to Larissa, Colt still finds a corner of his heart for the feisty Latino.

Larissa was not at that "90 Day Fiance" Tell-All, as she was awaiting news from her attorney about her deportation case. But she attended via video conference. Colt said that he wished he'd "been more patient with Larissa." That got Mother Debbie shaking her head.

Then he said that if things could be different and he could talk to her, then "I guess I would want to get back with Larissa." Debbie's eyes nearly fell out her head, so why would she be happy Larissa broke up with Eric?

'Pillow Talk' debut for Mother Debbie & Colt follows Larissa's breakup with Eric

"Pillow talk," the spinoff where previous cast members of "90 Day Fiance" get to criticize the current season, returns with new additions to the cast on Sunday, September 15.

Debbie and Colt will appear and not all fans of the show got ecstatic about that. In my article about Elizabeth Potthast also joining the show, I noted, "with 'controlling Debbie' and the newly personified 'Savage Colt' on IG, we can expect some harsh criticism from them."

However, surely Debbie's a bit nervous now as Larissa broke it off with Eric?

Colt might stray back into the Larissa web, after all. She broke up just days before the "90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk" show arrives on our screens. TV Shows Ace reported that the news got launched on Instagram by Larissa and she said that the 8-month-old relationship with Eric was over because she jumped from one bad experience and tried to make it better with another.

Larissa breaks up, '90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk's' Mother Debbie thanks her

Instead of reacting with any fear that Larissa might snag her beloved boy Colt again, Debbie took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night and actually thanked her. In her post, she said, "I think all this publicity that Larissa is doing...is good." She also noted that she's been "leaving [Colt] comments" and "following Colt on IG again." Debbie thinks it's a good thing the "90 Day Fiance" alum's doing this.

She added, "she's making sure everyone every one tunes in to watch her ex-husband and the one and only." Then she added a "Thank you" note at the bottom.

Funny enough, it might almost sound like something TLC could dream up to rack up the ratings. Plus, factor in rumors reported by Soap Dirt, that just a week ago, allegedly, Larissa and Eric were in talks with TLC to appear on a "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" season. Whatever goes down, the upcoming show's sure to bring loads of entertainment and savage excitement to social media.

What do you think about Mother Debbie thanking Larissa for the public breakup with Eric? After all, we just heard Larissa Lima, Colt's ex, made a public announcement of a breakup. Does it strike you as odd that Colt's mom Debbie's thrilled?

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