"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 concludes in two weeks and already leaks via the runners of the Fraudcast podcast say that Tania and Syngin return. The news is that they will feature on "Happily Ever After?" Fans reacted to the news with some dismay over on Instagram. After all, Tania managed to secure the title of the most unpopular cast member of the "90 Day Fiance" franchise across social media.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' react unfavorably to Syngin and Tania returning to TLC

Some fans wonder if Syngin and Tania played mind games with fans of the show. Have they been leaking a split just to rank up the ratings for a return season?

After all, Syngin put up and then deleted his live broadcast on Instagram about being single and back in South Africa. The "90 Day Fiance" star also removed most of his Facebook posts. Well, the Fraudcast called it a 'bs' story at the time, and it looks like they were 100 percent correct. Now, the spoiler fan page on Instagram revealed they will actually return for "Happily Ever After."

Other news is that OG "90 Day Fiance" couple, Paul and Karine return as well, but just to an App-available digital version. That means they won't screen on the television. Few critics over Instagram liked the idea of either couple. It's quite hard with Syngin and Tania as he's quite popular. Actually, some fans wouldn't mind seeing him back.

As one person commented on @fraudedbytlc, "I don’t want to see a second more of either of those couples. Tell ya what we do, give all the airtime to Syngin. He can clean the shed or mow the grass, or whatever. We’ll just watch that."

Grumpy fans of '90 Day Fiance' don't want Tania back

On the post showing the two couples returning to the franchise, grumpy fans complained about Tania rather more than Syngin who turned out as one of the more popular characters on the cast.

Here's what some people said about it:

  • "they have been messing with viewers by starting rumours about themselves which is exactly what Sharp wants... like the other couples constantly violating NDAs. I believe that’s exactly the reason they were renewed."
  • "It’s like the people at tlc find out who we hate the most and just keep bringing them back."
  • "they must have missed the memo that everyone hates Tania."
  • "They plan to capitalize on people watching so they can continue to express their hate for her. Ratings are ratings."
  • "Me thinks that TLC has caught on to the hate watching . I really like Syngin even if he's a little bit off. Tania is a harpy from HELL!"
  • "I think that any cast member who pulls the "editing" card about being seen in an unfavorable light loses any credibility when they return and fully deserves to be laughed at from here on out. #lookingatyoutania."
  • "Nobody likes Tania, she doesn’t deserve Syngin let alone a second season."
  • "Haven’t we already suffered enough with Tania? Why does 90dayfiance have to be so cruel?"

Is this fake news about the '90 Day Fiance' show?

Meanwhile, one hopeful "90 Day Fiance" fan wrote, "I hope this is fake news." Well, usually if @fraudedbytlc says it, it's probably gonna happen, but there's always a little room for hope when it comes to leaks.

However, it looks like those people who don't like Tania will have to just join the rest of social media bashing the wanna-be witchdoctor. In the meantime, asked about Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi, the admin says that they still await confirmation on what happens with them.

What do you think about Tania and Syngin returning to "Happily Ever After?"

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