'90 Day Fiance" fans know that Larissa Lima loves getting her face worked on. Plus, they heard she got something done to her behind. So, when she shared her amazingly successful body transformation, some people disbelieved her reasoning. Sharing photos 17-months apart, the comparison shots actually look impressive. Larissa claims she got there through exercise and naturally high metabolism.

Larissa Lima's amazing body transformation shared via '90 Day Fiance' comparison photos

Taking to Instagram late Saturday night, Larissa Lima shared two photos.

The first one, she says was from May 2018. In it, she's wearing red and stands side-on to the camera. Definitely there's a tummy pouch, and yes, she admits to the cellulite on her legs. Of course, as her Instagram went up and down over time, we can't say for certain it's from 2018. Of course, we heard that the "90 Day Fiance" star has two kids, and the youngest one's a daughter. As she won't say how old they are, it could even be a photo post-birth. But, as she's not trying to sell anything, let's assume it's not something like that.

In the second picture, which Larissa says was taken in October this year, she looks amazing and certainly slimmed down hugely. Almost too raunchy for a family-friendly news platform, you can see a screencap below.

In her caption, Larissa says she has a naturally high metabolism which helps her stay slim. But, that's pretty hard to say for certain, given that the first picture in red shows she really had a bit of a paunchy tummy.

Fans skeptical about exercise and metabolism claim for her '90 Day Fiance' transformation

In response to the bit where Larissa spoke about a regular workout, some fans grew very skeptical of her claims.

Larissa wrote, "So many people are asking me about how I lost weight. I am eating what I always enjoy to eat, but is smaller portions. I work on my abs, do deadlifts, at home when I can't go to gym. I go to gym at least 3 times a week. Am I in the best shape? No, but I will keep working at it. Cellulite is still an issue, but it has been reduced by 80%.

An important detail of my weightloss, is that I always had an high metabolism.(sic)"

Skeptics said of the claim the "90 Day Fiance" alum made, that no way could she have a high metabolism. One person noted, "You don't have a fast metabolism or you wouldn't [have] looked like you do in the red in the first place." Well, that's a good point. Flo Health notes that people with a high metabolism struggle to gain any weight at all. In fact, they really need to load up on food portions and eat "three full regular meals a day."

Some fans think the '90 Day Fiance' star got slim from body sculpting. Larissa denies it

Some fans tackled Larissa on her workout claims. They think because she got her lips done (often), that it's probably down to liposuction.

Here's what some of them said to Larissa:

  • "You pay to have your body worked on, you don't do it."
  • "Money can buy a beautiful body right Larissa."
  • "The diet that involves cosmetic surgery.. why not tell us about those?...It's fine and ok lol."
  • "No offense, but you modified the rest of your body, I'm sure you've had liposuction as well, as your b*tt implant. Don't lie about actually working out 3 days a week."

Well, the "90 Day Fiance" beauty replied, saying, "I do not have money to liposuction and I didn't. If I had my belly will look perfect and small waist. I'm going slowly trying to get it." Apart from the critics, many fans felt inspired by Larissa's successful transformation. They asked her to start sharing her diet and workouts over on YouTube.

What do you think about Larissa's body transformation? Do you think it's due to diets, and workouts? Or do you think some of that got a help-along through beauty sculpting?

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