"90 Day Fiance" fans still hate on Tania Maduro. Actually, since both Syngin Colchester and Tania were at the "90 Day Fiance Tell-All" after-party that Tom Brooks crashed, fans think it's a sign they married. Many fans hoped their relationship would fail as they felt sorry for him. And, now it looks like maybe he finally split with one of the most hated characters in the franchise. Now, shocked fans reported that they think he finally left Tania and returned to South Africa. In a now-deleted Live, he apparently said that he's single now.

Syngin's Live gets discussed on '90 Day Fiance' blogger, John Yates' Instagram

John Yates, a longtime blogger on the "90 Day Fiance" franchise by TLC shared a photo of Sygin and Tania. Joking around, he talked about his friend Cody. His caption read, "I knew Cody was my soulmate the moment we caught eyes - oh and side note I’m rebranding myself as Vertigo January." As John does not allow embeds, fans can see the post by searching on Instagram for @johnyates327tv.

The post had nothing to do with the couple, Syngin and Tania, splitting. Still, unpopular, one "90 Day Fiance" fan said about Tania, "Tania does not have one redeeming quality. Not one!" Another noted, "Tania literally told Syngin that “you are brother to me”.

This is so sick and twisted her mind is crazy." But then, some fans started discussing a Live that Syngin did on his Instagram.

Syngin's Live got deleted, some '90 Day fiance' fans assume, but he allegedly said he's single

Within minutes of the post going up late Sunday, fans asked John Yates to please cover the Syngin Live.

One fan wrote, "Please report on his Live tonight...omg lol he says he’s single now whaaaat!" Another fan who also saw the Live shared, "Syngin is live..but looks baked!! He still cute though!!" Well, if "baked" means "high" or "drunk," then maybe he regretted it, as other fans reported that it disappeared. One said, "did he delete it??

It's gone!" Another said, "I seen that too, and, back in south America!" Actually, they probably meant South Africa, as that's where Syngin came from.

While fans generally despise Tania, Syngin fast became a firm favorite on season 7 of "90 Day Fiance." But, if he did the Live and said he's single now, he may have broken his Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), with TLC. The showrunners get very touchy about cast members who spoil the outcome. That would explain why he deleted the Live where fans say he said that he's "single." But, that does not explain why his Facebook posts were all removed.

Syngin removes his Facebook posts where he had some stuff about '90 Day Fiance'

Over on Facebook, he runs an account under the name of Syngin Gregory.

Like his Instagram, it's not verified but a visit there used to show plenty of pf posts about the show. In fact, historically, his posts that were public were numerous. However, he either removed all his posts or set them all to private. But now, it clearly shows his last update was his profile picture in April 2018. His mom liked the picture.

In our article about the season 7 "90 Day Fiance" social media accounts, we mentioned all of Syngin's accounts. Back then, in early November, we mentioned, "You can look for www.facebook.com/syngin.gregory." Back then, we noted that some of his friends urged him to return to South Africa. But now, you can't see those anymore. So, perhaps he really did return there and decided that single life's a better option than living with Tania in the USA.

It's all conjure and rumor right now, as the Live by Syngin apparently got taken down. So, for now, fans just need to wait and see what happens. Do you think maybe he got over life with Tania and went back home?

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