When Kathie Lee Gifford left the building and her “job” at “Today” last April, she made it abundantly clear that she was not leaving any of the people she loved in Studio 1A or the cherished memories over 11 years on “Kathie Lee & Hoda.” Another thing that the life-long performer promised was that she would be back to visit often.

Kathie Lee Gifford last paid a visit to “Today”s” fourth hour, “Hoda & Jenna” last November, and then hosted the gang from “3rd Hour of Today” when they came to Music City and savored the best hospitality that Nashville could offer.

Everything about her Nashville life is a joy to Gifford, and she explains how her move was not a sudden decision at all during her January 23 visit on “Hoda & Jenna.”

The laughs were just like old times, and the versatile Gifford even came with her own wine, and some good quips about cowboys, too. It was like morning host had never left, to the delight of her millions of followers, and of course, her good friends.

Her dogs couldn't do enough for Kathie Lee Gifford

One of the most loving tributes from Kathie Lee Gifford to her late husband, football and broadcasting legend, Frank Gifford, is her song “He Saw Jesus” co-written with Brett James. The song deftly details the day her husband passed away, evoking the morning with “a little kiss, a little coffee, a little moment to pray.” The song became a beacon to millions in bereavement, and the song topped the iTunes charts.

The ballad brings assurance of an afterlife in very personal terms, straight from Gifford’s heart and experience following the 2015 loss.

Gifford performed the song on the “Today” stage in 2017, and its power to move and speak to people also sparked a creative renaissance for Gifford. She began singing and writing music and embracing her youthful dreams of being in movies.

Her faith-filled film and musical project with Nicole C Mullen, “The God Who Sees” wraps the divine providence of God through the stories of Hagar, Ruth, Mary, and David, and has over 2 million views.

Despite having a multitude of projects in the works, Kathie Lee Gifford wasn’t feeling at home in Connecticut anymore. When her children with Frank were young, the sounds of neighbors, children laughing, the daily hum and the smell of smoke from the grill evoked every sensation of home.

Once she found herself alone, however, she started to feel that the walls were “more like a mortuary.” She and her dogs would still watch the sunset, but “dogs can only do so much, and I love my dogs,” Gifford insists. The TV veteran knew the time had come for a change, and her plan to move to Nashville took root. Her “crippling loneliness” is replaced by neighbors who have no problem in just dropping by.

The puzzle pieces are fitting for Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee made her entrance carrying her favorite morning beverage, of course, bringing enough for the hosts. After warm hugs for Hoda and Jenna, Kathie Lee Gifford related how she thrives in the “culture of kindness” surrounding the Nashville community.

Hoda agreed that “all the pieces fit together” once Kathie Lee decided on Nashville as her new home.

“I hear church bells all the time,” she reminded. Kathie Lee got to know Nashville very well in the 70s and recorded three albums there. Not only has Gifford reconnected with the music community in a big way, but she threw in that “I go to rodeos,” only halfway kidding. She proved to Jenna that she can say their fourth-hour tagline, “Let's go, y’all!” with a completely authentic accent. After the stage manager, Jerry, helped push in her chair, Gifford couldn't leave it. In her typically humorous style, she joked “Just like last night” with her old friend.

A good night's rest for Kathie Lee Gifford

Lively topics are always featured on the fourth hour of “Today,” even when the favorite guest drops by on “Hoda & Jenna.” The morning show host who traded barbs with Regis Philbin for years couldn't keep quiet when it came to a meme made for sleep positions that has been taking over social media.

The girls gossiped about the fun of commercial breaks, when the best of morning TV Shows is never seen, before moving on to a chart of 18 sleep positions. Hoda Kotb didn't take long in deciding that she was a 17 or a 5. When it came to her preferred snooze position Jenna determined that she was a 1, half side and half a back sleeper. When Kathie Lee Gifford was queried on her position, she replied: “I don't know, it just depends if there’s a cowboy involved.”

Things never change with the best of friends, and Kathie Lee Gifford’s faith, fun, and favorite beverage will always be welcome on “Today.”