"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Avery Mills became a Muslim, set off across the world to marry Omar, and intends living in Syria. Taking on the role of the Muslim culture seems inclusive for many people who got a glimpse into an often misunderstood group of people. But, now she claimed she suffered a racial incident in a Walmart store. And, people not only question the truth of it, but they wonder how posting this type of thing on social media benefits anyone. And, many fans believe she just displayed ignorance about how the welfare system works in the USA.

Avery seems immature to many '90 Day Fiance' fans

During her season on the show, we reported that while Avery is not a child, sometimes fans felt she acted like a sulky teen with her mom. In fact, she insisted on sweating out summer in a hijab to prove her mom wrong. Then, Heavy.com recalled that in the last season, we saw that Omar and Avery face a long and hard effort to apply for Omar to get a US visa. But, fans also saw Avery throw a tantrum when her mom questioned her about Omar's motives.

In fact, acting like a spoiled child, some fans thought, she flounced out the hotel room and yelled that she and Omar would never live in the USA. Even if they could, they wouldn't because her mom asked her pointed questions.

Some fans really felt that just demonstrated the young "90 Day Fiance" star's immaturity once again. In fact, some of the TLC fans think she's just all about getting attention. And, now she posted about a racial incident allegedly at Walmart, they think it's just another attention-seeking stunt.

The racial incident claimed by '90 Day Fiance's' Avery

Blogger John Yates shared a screenshot of a post by Avery Mills. In it, she claimed, that the incident happened to her "at Walmart." She also added how "funny" it is that the people allegedly involved now live off her "tax dollars." The post also explained how she allegedly went to Walmart, pretended she couldn't speak English and listened to workers talk about her.

She claims they made reference to her possibly being on welfare, as she dresses like a Muslim woman.

She claimed they "pointed at her," and she eventually called them out. Then, the "90 Day Fiance" star said that they got booted and no longer have jobs. Avery ended by saying, "Trump didn't need to take out the trash bc I did." Well, if that happened, then it's an unpleasant experience. If it didn't happen, it looks like Avery would be better off not saying anything, fans think. After all, these serious allegations could hurt people on all sides, so fans think she needs to back it up. Many of them disbelieve her.

Fans react to '90 Day Fiance' racism claim

On John's Instagram, disbelieving "90 Day Fiance" fans had their day.

Here's what some of them thought about it:

  • *I directly call bullsh*t at that, like 2 employees will blatantly point at her and say sh1t like that everywhere she goes there is a problem with her... goodnight all."
  • "no one will fire anyone unless they have checked the CCTV and indeed it has been committed, secondly there is NO way in this planet that she happened to be at that exact spot and have seen 2 employees randomly being pointing at her and saying things like tha.t NO chance I am calling the biggest bullsh*t of 2020 already."
  • "We will add this to the book of things that never happened. Avery always has some wild *ss story about places she goes. Just like on the show, she’s a loudmouth looking for attention. I don’t believe ts one bit."
  • "I guess she had a great witness to have the power to make Walmart fired an employee."
  • "That's such b.s .grow up little girl and stop telling lies."
  • "m pretty sure if that had happened, it would make the news, since it’s a hate crime coming from employees from a huge franchise."
  • "right Avery. Someone assumed some WHITE girl with green eyes didn’t speak any English. I hope she got the attention she desperately needed with this bullsh*t ."
  • "Cool story bro how long and how close was she standing to those people to hear this conversation? And then straight to a manager that has the authority to fire them on spot? All while she was still at Walmart? I don't doubt that this is something that is happening but i absolutely don't believe her."

But to be fair to everyone, some fans of "90 DayFiance" said they too belong to a "minority," and it's more common than people think.

Fans on Avery's ignorance about welfare in the USA

Meanwhile, other fans think that Avery really has no idea about how welfare works. One fan commented, "Wait. She thinks it's a good thing that they will now be living off her taxes? First, unemployment doesn't work like that Averi, second welfare does but you have to be eligible. Not everybody is eligible just because they're unemployed. If they were, we wouldn't have such a high homeless population... I'd rather see them demoted or suspended without pay for a week or two. So even if this did happen, she is totally missing the irony of how she thinks she hurt them and ended up helping pay for them to live."

What do you think about this claim of racism at Walmart by Avery Mills?

Do you think it only inflames racial division? Do you think she had the power to get the employees fired on the spot? Or, do you think the scenario's totally believable?

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