"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" cast members seem to feud with each other a bit more than others from the TLC franchise. While Tiffany Franco Smith tends to remain neutral, Evelin and Deavan both got huge downers on Laura Jallali. As reported back in September last year, Deavan Clegg got vocal, being the first cast member to call out Laura, alleging she lied about being pregnant. Since then, there seems to be no love lost between them. Now, she slammed Laura again. This time for allegedly saying that Deavan called Laura a "child molester."

How did the allegations arise between the '90 Day Fiance' cast, Deavan and Laura?

When Deavan went onto Instagram on Friday night, January 11, fans wondered what the allegations were all about.

Many of them seemed puzzled because Deavan spoke about a 12-year-old boy. But, they don't know who the boy is or where this supposedly went down. Well, Blogger John Yates often screenshots things, so they get some shelf life on Instagram. Back on December 27, he shared a photo of Laura Jallali. In that one, it showed her chatting to Maxwell, the teenage son of Michael Jessen.

Laura also posted up an Instagram story suggesting that Maxwell's the "Coolest," and "Funniest." Well, it turned out that Deavan responded to the "90 Day Fiance" alum chatting to a young boy. Actually, on John's Instagram, many fans felt it inappropriate. John himself noted, "are things so bad that...she’s flirting with a 12 year old?

And honestly if I were Michael or Juliana I’d keep my children far far away from this place." One follower noted, "I really hope Max’s dad monitors his social media and blocks her ASAP! That is just icky on so many levels. Is she trying to just attach to anyone who might keep her relevant?"

Deavan slams the older '90 Day Fiance' alum, Laura about 'child molester'

Laura took Instagram to suggest that Deavan Clegg called her a "child molester." Then, using some expletives she said that it's "slander." Anyway, the comments were disabled in the post.

So, nobody can comment over there. But, Deavan took to Instagram with her response, and she does allow comments. So, that's where fans said they were not sure what was going on, and who the 12-year-old might be.

In her post, Deavan put up a card.

It said, "Laura [I] never called you a child molester." She added, "How about you stop lying. I said it was highly inappropriate for you to be private-messaging a 12 year old boy without his parents knowing. As well as a 17 year old." Actually, it's not clear who the 17-year-old was. However, the angry "90 Day Fiance" star continued. She said, "It could be considered grooming." Deavan added, "And then I explained what grooming is."

Deavan captions her post as well

Alongside the card which also explains Deavan's knowledge of grooming, she also added a caption. That read, "Stop lying Laura if you want to talk then message me or we could go live because I’m done with you." Well, in the post comments, many fans suggest they are also down on Laura Jallali.

One said, "Yeah if a 52 year old was messaging my minor boys there would be huge issues... its definitely inappropriate and weird!!" Another follower noted, "The only way that she gets attention is when she talks sh*t about other cast members. She's nothing, a poor old woman who doesn't do anything and always wants to play a victim. Nobody cares, Laura. Grow up for once."

What do you think about Laura and Deavan slamming each other over communicating with a 12-year-old-boy? Do you think it's inappropriate? Do you believe that when Deavan warned her about "grooming," it never amounted to an accusation of child molestation?

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