Quentin Tarantino just announced that he was interested in bringing to life "Bounty Law," a series inspired by his recently released "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." The latest film from the Oscar winner, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as a western TV actor and his stunt double. They are faced with an evolving Hollywood in 1969.

While Quentin Tarantino's film was released this summer, it has become one of the front-runners throughout the awards season and is expected to win Best Picture at next month's Oscars.

Tarantino claims he will retire after his 10th film as director. However, that doesn't really mean he's going to direct just one more film and nothing else before retiring. Tarantino has previously said he wants to develop his own TV show first.

Tarantino planned the spin-off show since the release of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

Deadline reports that Quentin Tarantino has already started working on writing and directing all five episodes of a real life version of "Bounty Law." The series stars Rick Dalton from "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." The filmmaker first talked about creating the spinoff series, during his promotion of the film, but this is his first time committing to directing it.

Tarantino said he's been inspired by "Wanted," "Dead or Alive," and "The Rifleman."

This is not Quentin Tarantino's first dive into the television world. Tarantino first directed an episode of "ER" in 1995 and in the early 2000s directed two episodes of "CSI." "Bounty Law," gives Tarantino a challenge in telling a dramatic story within a half-an-hour block.

That's a drastic change of pace from his nine films, as most have run times of three hours.

Tarantino show will be a five-part series

With Tarantino as the driving force for "Bounty Law," cable networks and streaming platforms will definitely be interested in picking up the series. The series will consist of five episodes, which will help its cause, especially when it comes to Tarantino's budget.

Tarantino has said that it will take a year-and-a-half for "Bounty Law," to become a reality.

It will be a long time before we hear any news in regards to casting and if they can find a landing spot for the series. Netflix and Tarantino have a friendly relationship, as the streaming giant released "The Hateful Eight," as a miniseries. For now, fans will have to wait and see whether "Bounty Law," becomes a reality and doesn't join the pile of projects that Tarantino has abandoned over his career. When it comes to casting, the big question is whether he can bring in Leonardo DiCaprio to reprise his role as Jake Cahill, and Brad Pitt could also return if they can convince him.