"90 Day Fiance" fans roasted Tania from the first episode of season 7. And, while Syngin from South Africa says on Instagram she's not really as crazy as she comes across, fans already love to hate her. In fact, with each passing episode, she firmly entrenches herself as 'Ms. Unpopular' with fans. As reported previously, she got the haters going when she met Syngin at the airport. Next, we saw her literally demanding kids form Syngin, and her friends incessantly hanging around. Now, she just made things even worse.

Tania could end up universally slammed by '90 day Fiance' fans

Tania's backstory is that she's a "free spirited' sort of person. But, it looks like much of that gets done on other people's money. On her Facebook, one person slammed her when she went off on a month long herbal intensive in Costa Rica. It came in February. She started it off with, "the charitable foundation I'm raising funds for - is myself and some healing!" Plus, she added, "The cost, including a BIPOC discount, is $2,488 including housing and 5 days a week meals. Flight is also extra. Please donate if you're able and share, share, share. Thank you so much and I can't wait to share what I learn!"

One critic commented, "Raising money through charitable donations for yourself?

For a vacation? Come on.. that defeats the whole purpose."

And, we see her again traveling. It seems she spends a lot of time outside the country. With Syngin just arriving, Tania now upset "90 Day Fiance" fans as she's taking off again.

Without him. Fans, already furious, probably now rate her as 'Ms. Unpopular' of the series. Well, maybe not quite. She still needs to catch up with Leida. But, their opinions only got stronger after this week's episode.

'Ms Unpopular' gets more haters on social media

"90 Day Fiance" fans were quick to comment their thoughts on her this week.

Many of them grew furious that she never cleaned or prepared the shed that she expects Syngin to live in. Plus, she wants him to fix it up - and by the way - she's going away. Over on Twitter, many people spoke out. Here's what some of them said about Tania:

  • "That was real crappy of Tania not to have the shed at least habitable for Syngen when he arrived...I don't like her."
  • "Lol Tania is the most self important person I’ve ever seen....that has no job, no money, and is living in her moms shed at 30."
  • "Tania can't be seriously telling Syngin who just arrived that he has to work on the shed first thing."
  • "Yes Tania he’s totally outta control for expecting a home to come to after you did alllllllllllll that work with the papers & paying & stuff. He’s soooooooooo unreasonable. What [a] monster."
  • "I'm late, but Tania is the 100% worst. She didn't get the shed ready because she wanted Syngin to do it all. Now she's mad because he won't do it?"
  • "It just clicked to me!! TANIA was looking for free labor to fix up that shed!! SYNGIN didn't see it coming!!! Smh."
  • "Tania is something, a complete control freak. Now she is going to leave #Sihnjihn for a month in that shed? Girl [get] your damned act together. You don’t bring an immigrant in and not be there for him? What’s wrong with Tania? Out of touch with reality that’s what."

Many more very critical "90 Day Fiance" fans climbed in saying their piece.

And, very few nice comments went her way. What do you think about Tania? Do you think she's bossy and controlling, or is it just edited that way?

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