"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" alums, Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks both dated and broke up with Darcey Silva. They hang together these days and commiserate. But, now that Tom shared a pic of him giving Syngin Colchester a big sloppy hug, Reddit fans wondered if that meant that Tania's also history. Rumors already run wild on social media that Syngin and Tania didn't last. But maybe they are still together.

Tom Brooks and '90 Day Fiance' newcomer, Syngin share a hug

Tom Brooks and Jesse Meester seem like best friends these days. International Business Times reminds us that Darcey ended her relationship with Jesse and moved on with Tom Brooks.

Recently, Jesse's shared that he and Tom got together and talked about how they suffered with Darcey. Tom Brooks shared a photo on his Instagram Stories back on November 26 showing him and Jesse together in NYC. Guru and blogger John Yates shared a screencap on Twitter.

Now, Tom Brooks went onto his Instagram on Friday night and shared a photo of him giving Syngin a big sloppy hug. So, fans wondered if Syngin and Tim bonded over "90 Day Fiance" breakups just like Jesse and Tom. On Reddit, a number of people asked if Tania and Syngin broke up. And, we wrote about fans who speculated on that. In our report, we noted, "Tania critics roast her on Twitter as the hate piles on.

Actually, they think she's extremely controlling, unrealistic, and she's gonna lose Syngin who, if he's got any sense, dumps her."

Did the Season 7 couple, Tania and Syngin split already?

Well, if you look at the Reddit post shared to Twitter below, it certainly looks like maybe Tania's not around anymore.

And, that explains the questions by concerned Redditors on the R/90dayfiance account.

But, on Tom Brooks' Instagram Stories, he shared some short video clips. The "90 Day Fiance" star also other photos of the evening.

He showed other people were present. One photo shows Mursel, Anna, Syngin, Michael and others. And, standing behind Syngin next to Mursel and Anna, is Tania. So, no, it doesn't look like the big hug from Tom means the couple split. In fact, Tania looks remarkably happy for someone who's supposedly history, as you can see in the tweet below.

Those thirsty fans who love Syngin certainly might be disappointed to hear that. As noted over in his Instagram, plenty of people tell him he's their top favorite on the new season of "90 Day Fiance."

What did you think about the photo that Tom Brooks shared of him giving Syngin Colchester a big sloppy hug? Did you think it was a sign that Tania was history?

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