"90 Day Fiance" fans often complain that so far this season, the TLC show's really boring. But, as the fans become acquainted with the cast, favorites and those they love to hate emerge. Syngin Colchester from South Africa fast becomes a fan-favorite. Meanwhile, they already love to hate his girl, Tania Maduro.

Syngin Colchester fans declare him their favorite on the '90 Day Fiance' show

Syngin posts photos of his life in the USA, but often, he shared pictures of South Africa, and his other travels. Very often, he selects pictures in the wilderness.

While Tania terms herself a "free spirit" it seems to fans of "90 Day Fiance," that Syngin's the one with the real spirit feel. On Wednesday night, he shared a photo of him sitting at the roadside, just gazing across the water and down the valley. Fans quickly went to tell him they love him.

On the latest Instagram photo, he captioned it with, "I always sit and wonder about life. I always take [an] extra min just to let the present sink in. I always wonder what's in store for me...(Live and let live)." Many loving and kind messages highlight fact he's fast becoming a fan-favorite to the fore. So many people identify with the fact that too often, they forget to just take the time to reflect on "being" a part of life and of our wonderful planet.

'90 Day' fans love Syngin and tell him he's their favorite

Starting out with a mere handful of followers, Syngin now amassed nearly 14k in a matter of weeks. And, no doubt the new "90 Day Fiance" star will keep on getting more. Here's what some of those followers said to him:

  • "It does look beautiful and peaceful ❤️."
  • "wish I was with you."
  • "Syngin !!! We love you ❤️❤️❤️ your the f0cking coolest ."
  • "Synghin! Good guy, we love you! (sic)."
  • "You are a awesome human being such a free spirit."
  • "Hi Syngin....huge fan from Canada . Your journey holds wonderful things for you. Your energy and spirit will take you anywhere you want to go."
  • "@syngin_colchester I don't know you but I am a big fan! You are so sweet and so humble that this you transmit through the TV! Don't let no one put you down or boss you around. Wish you nothing but the best and all the happiness you deserve weather with Tania or not. Keep your good vibes and positive attitude and you'll go far in life! Greetings from FL!"
  • "Hey Syngin- take your beautiful spirit and fly with it! Out of all these people this season you are by far the cutest - personality-wise - the best! I know you made the right choice...never settle or sell out!"

Many other similar comments came from "90 Day Fiance" fans.

But, sadly, the same can't be said for Tania Maduro.

Syngin's popular but '90 Day Fiance' fans hate on Tania

Syngin once said on his social media that he won't let anyone change him. But, fans fear that Tania's way too controlling and unsuitable for him. As reported, "Tania quickly entrenches herself as 'Ms. Unpopular' with fans." In fact, they roasted her on social media right from the very start of their episodes.

Fans didn't understand why she left it necessary to litter the airport floor with rose petals. It angered them that someone had to clean up after her. Plus, she didn't give Syngin the privacy he needed with her friends hanging around all the time. The final blow for "90 Day Fiance" fans came when she didn't even tidy up the shed she expects him to live in.

What do you think about Syngin Colchester seemly being the real "free sprit" between this couple? He's fast becoming a fan-favorite. Is he yours?

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