"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 premiers on TLC tonight, Sunday, November 3. The cast features returning couple Angela Deem and Michael from Nigeria. Apart from them, we see seven new couples. I already reported that Syngin from South Africa and Tania have Facebook pages, but they also feature on Instagram. In this article, I detail where you can find and follow the cast on social media.

The cast of Season 7 on '90 Day Fiance'

Newcomers, IBT reminds us, include Mike from Sequim in Washington and Natalie from Ukraine. Then we have Tania of Connecticut and Syngin the South African.

Robert hails from Florida and Anny's from the DR. Michael and Juliana come next. He's from Connecticut as well, and Juliana's Brazilian. Emily lives in Oregon and Sasha ( also known as Alexander), comes from Russia. Jasmin's from Finland and she hooked up with Blake from LA. Anna keeps bees and makes bee products. She fell in love with Mursel from Turkey who has similar interests.

From the previews of "90 Day Fiance" Season 7, we know that Syngin and Tania bicker and argue about their anti-nuptial contract, and he adjusts to living out of Tania's mom's shed. We also see Emily, who's with Sasha excitedly waving her ultrasound scan, but we already know she gave birth some time back. Meanwhile, Jasmin and Blake's issues center around a suspicious family who find out that Jasmin's sister already got a green card for the USA.

With Mike and Natalie, it looks like the issues they face include the fact that she's into big city life and he's the opposite.

Then Anna Campisi and Mursel run into problems as his family in Turkey won't like that she's already got kids. And, her son said on the preview that he's not too sure how much Mursel really "loves" his mom.

Robert and Annie met on social media, and when he went to the Dominican Republic they became engaged almost straight away. But, they never got around to buying a ring. Meanwhile, Mike and Juliana come with a big age difference of 18 years. So, it looks like the usual hot mess waiting to happen on "90 Day Fiance."

Social media for the new '90 Day Fiance' cast members

Syngin and Tania can be found on Facebook.

Their accounts are private but they share a lot of public posts. You can look for www.facebook.com/syngin.gregory and //www.facebook.com/maduro.tania. On Instagram, Syngin uses the name syngin_colchester. His "90 Day Fiance" partner Tania, goes by the IG user name tania.maduro. Anna Campisi has several social media accounts. On Facebook, she delivers product information about the bee products on her business site. Plus, she comes with a personal page.

Her personal page is www.facebook.com/annamarie.campisi. And, her bee product site is www.facebook.com/beautyandthebeeshoney/ and her partner Mursel's on Instagram. There, he uses the handle @murselmistanoglu. Notably, he had quite a lot of posts up there, but recently shut that down.

So, don't expect to find much there now. However, you can also follow Anna there at @annamcampisi.

Next, we see "90 Day Fiance" couple Michael and Juliana. Michael's IG handle is @michael_jessen_77. His partner Juliana can be found at @julianacustodiooo. Jasmin and Blake feature at @jasminaniel and @hollowbrooks. Courtesy of the @johnyates327tv IG account, we know that Sasha's IG is @alexander.g.larin and Emily's is @emily.larina. Robert and Annie can be found at IG @anny_dr02 and @shotta558. The final couple seems a bit of a mystery. So far I couldn't find Mike and Natalie on social media. But, if you know them, you can drop a note in the comments.

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