Alexei and Loren Brovarnik recently celebrated Alexei's American citizenship. The "90 Day Fiancé" couple is also expecting their baby boy, in May. Loren posted a photo of herself and her husband sleeping. It was a collaged photo, and they wore shades. The two of them looked good while sleeping. The soon-to-be mother and "90 Day Fiancé" cast member said, in her caption, that the photo described her and her husband accurately. She later said that her husband always napped discretely while she posed. She added a blue emoji to her caption.

Fans comments on Loren Brovarnik post

Loren went on to say that she was fortunate to have a talented husband. She noted that Alexei's way of sleeping was a talent, and she was envious of him sometimes. She said that he kept amazing her every day.

One of her followers commented that at least Alexei naps with his mouth closed. Loren replied that sometimes his mouth was open when he slept.

Another fan joked that Loren was looking at the ocean, but her husband was looking at his eyelids. A follower asked if all handsome men liked to sleep all the time, because most handsome men she had met, loved to sleep.

Someone asked Loren if she and her husband had found a job. They mentioned that he had missed a lot on the show and probably wanted Loren to help him catch up.

He said that he recently started following Loren on Instagram, and she was hilarious. He also noted that the "90 Day Fiancé" casts, Paola Mayfield and Annie Toborowsky, were also hilarious. He ended by saying that he wasn't aware that Loren was even pregnant. He congratulated her and also said that he wished the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise could do a "Where are they now" show.

He ended by saying that he did not watch the new season because he did not like the couples, and he was interested in real love, such as the one that Loren and Alexei had.

Loren replied to the comment, saying that she and her husband have been working for almost five years. She also urged the fan to catch up with the TLC show.

A fan advice Loren Brovarnik to have all the sleep she can

A fan commented, advising the soon to be a mother to enjoy as much sleep she could because when the baby arrived, she would not be able to sleep as much.

The couple has been spending a lot of time together. Loren and Alexei went to a bar recently, and Alexei posted it on his Instagram with the caption, "Bar with my babes." He tagged, "teambrovarnik, babybrov." Alexei added in his comment that they were expecting their baby in May.

A public figure, Paul Zahn, commented, saying that he was not invited to hang with Alexei and his wife at the bar. Loren replied to the comments with four laughing emojis.