Darcey Silva informed her fans that her next destination was Miami. The "90 Day Fiancé" star posted a selfie image of herself in shades. In her caption, she said that her fans should not underestimate her.

Her fans were pleased that she would be in Miami. Heather Marianna, a public figure, commented that she was glad to be seeing her the following day.

Rudy Bundini, another public figure, said that Darcey looked stunning and called her a queen saying that she was amazing and that she had all his best wishes.

A fan commented that he would never underestimate the mother of two.

One of her followers was very happy she was coming to Miami because it was his hometown. He said that she was his favorite cast member on the "90 Day Fiancé" show.

Someone even said that he loved her, and she was beautiful.

Negative comments on Darcey Silva post

There were very kind comments on Darcey's post, but there were negative comments too.

A fan said that Darcey should stop using photoshop on her photos and undergoing unnecessary surgeries. The fan went on to say that men don't like it and the "90 Day Fiancé" cast member should already know because she had gone through so many men on, even on the show.

Other fans replied to the negativity by saying that she should mind her business and stop telling Darcey how to live.

They also asked her to stop bashing other women.

She replied, again, saying that she was not bashing Darcey, that she had the right to share her opinion on the mother of two's post.

One negative follower referred to the mother of two saying that no one could take a "duck face" seriously.

A fan replied to the follower saying that Darcey was on a journey and she shouldn't hate the reality star because she was on a trip.

Someone else replied to the comment saying that Darcey was not trying to do the "duck face" and it must have been from all the surgery she has had done on her face.

Jesse Meester posts photo of himself

While Darcey Silva's fans were slamming her and arguing with each other, her ex-boyfriend was busy chilling in the sea at the Maldives.

In his caption, he asked his fans to wake him up after the coronavirus was gone. He went on to say that his schedule had been postponed but he was planning to go to Shanghai. He then decided to go to Paris but heard about three cases of coronavirus in France. He urged his fans to "stay safe" because the "coronavirus was not a joke".

He went on, in his comment, to say that he had late singer Avicii's song in his head.