"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Karine and Paul Staehle continually seem in a rocky place. About a week ago, divorce rumors started as Paul held a poll on IG about divorce. And, now it seems once again, Karine wants a divorce, as Paul shared that her divorce lawyer called him up. Just an hour before that, he also shared on Facebook about how Karine wants him to remove all her photos.

Divorce Lawyer and a tough night for Paul Staehle of '90 Day Fiance'

It's been a tough night for Paul Staehle. It seems in the space of an hour or so, he took to Facebook to grouse about Karine and a divorce.

In his first post, he said that Karine told him to take down all her photos. The next post revealed, "[translated] Karine advogado de divórcio me ligou. Guess I need a lawyer.Karine divorce lawyer called me. Guess I need a lawyer." Well, many "90 Day Fiance" fans are totally sick of the never-ending divorce drama with Karine.

Over on his IG, he did a poll about a week to ten days ago. Reality Blurb reminds us, it said, "Doing a poll strictly out of curiosity. For someone, I know very well...Should a wife divorce her husband over his mother buying gifts daily spoiling their son? Should a grandmother be banned from seeing her grandchildren over spoiling them? And a husband be divorced for defending his mother's actions?" Now, it looks like he spoke about himself, after all.

Paul deletes two posts on facebook after sharing about '90 Day Fiance' divorce

The two posts on Facebook garnered a lot of comments from "90 Day Fiance" fans. Many of them told Paul to call her bluff as Karine cannot survive without his income. However, since then he deleted both posts. All the comments also got lost with the deletions.

Nevertheless, on Instagram, @187anonymousgossip grabbed the one about Karine wanting him to take down all her photos. On Twitter, another account grabbed the other screenshot. So, nothing ever disappears forever on social media.

@187anonymousgossip captioned their screencap with, "Here we go again with this BS." "90 Day Fiance" fans reacted to the news about the photos being taken down.

Not many of them have much sympathy, actually. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • "y’all toxic asf together. Just be a baby daddy and move on."
  • "She's such a gross dirty slob. He's the one who should happily dump her ugly *ss and not want her in his life. She's nasty!"
  • "Every time I see a dog house I think of paul."
  • "They both annoy me. Whether this is real for more made for TV BS I don’t even care anymore. I’m so over both of them. They need to clear their da*n house for that baby though."

Up and down post about divorce

"90 Day Fiance" fans on IG never really got the time to comment on the news that Paul Staehle said on Facebook that Karine's divorce lawyer called him. The post went up and down in a matter of minutes. What do you think about this?

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